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Thank you for your interest in working at Green America. All job and internship openings are listed here.


Position Type Status
Director, Clean Electronics Production Network Full-time Open
Web Developer Full-time Open
Interim Director, Northeast Dairy Project, Center for Sustainability Solutions Part-time Open
Interim Director, Non-GMO Supply Working Group, Center for Sustainability Solutions Part-time Open


Fellowships, Internships & Volunteers

Position Type Status
Climate Action Fellow Part-time/Flexible


Green Business Intern, Green Business Network™ Part-time/Flexible


Editorial Intern Part-time/Flexible Open
Online Communications Intern Part-time/Flexible Closed
National Green Pages Intern Part-time/Flexible Open
Sustainable Food Supply Chains Program Internship Part-time/Flexible Open
Center for Industry Transformation Intern Part-time/Flexible Open
Food Campaigns Intern Part-time/Flexible Open
Events Planning & Program Management Intern – Non-GMO Supply Working Group Part-time/Flexible Closed
Green Business Intern Part-time/Flexible Closed


Other Ways to Get Involved

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