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Director of Green America Center for Industry Transformation

Hours: Full-time (4-days, 32 hours/week)

Salary: $70K-$75K

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Sick Days, Holidays

Reports to: Executive Director of Green America

Deadline: October 25, 2014

Green America is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to creating a just and sustainable society by harnessing economic power for positive change. Our unique approach involves working with consumers, investors and businesses to create a world that works for all. We deploy marketplace solutions to solve the most pressing social and environmental problems facing society today.

Green America is currently designing our new Center for Industry Transformation, which will bring all of our green economy supply-side work into a powerful new flagship program for Green America. The Center will launch new multi-stakeholder initiatives dedicated to accelerating the shift to environmental sustainability and social justice, while eliminating environmental and human abuses in key areas such as energy, agriculture and manufacturing.

The Center builds on Green America’s work over the years, where we’ve brought together industry groups across supply chains to create major shifts in such areas as solar, community investing, recycled paper procurement, and sustainable agriculture. Our innovation network methodology is effective, compelling, and attracting significant attention as a faster and more effective way to solve some of Society’s most challenging and complex problems.

Our previous supply side work includes Solar Circle, a working group of industry stakeholders committed to renewable energy, which led the dramatic rise of solar power in the last decade. Our Community Capital working group created innovations that poured over $3.2 billion into community investments, from health care clinics to child care centers, in the past five years.

More recently, Green America has formed a working group focused on shifting the supply of commodity crops from predominantly GMO to non-GMO, as a step toward a sustainable agricultural system. One of our pilot programs of this working group will transition upwards of half a million acres of farmland to non-GMO and organic production in the Northeast U.S.

We have also secured funding for, and are in the first stage of development of, two new working groups: Utility of the Future, with the goal of creating the country’s first vertically-integrated,100% renewable energy utility, and Responsible Electronics, with the goal of eliminating toxin exposures in electronics manufacturing.

Green America’s Center for Industry Transformation, with its dedicated, skilled, and specialized staff, will employ a rigorous program development process to ensure that our efforts optimize our social return on investment. We expect the Center to launch at least two major new industry transformation initiatives each year.

Clearly, an initiative such as this requires a strong, experienced director to foster its full potential as both a powerful platform for social change and a thriving social venture. The Director of the Center for Industry Transformation will be responsible for managing the Center and overseeing all of the Center’s Working Groups and Industry Initiatives. The Center Director will be part of the Senior Management Team at Green America and will work in consultation with the Executive Director, the CEO/President, Program Directors for each working group, external consultants, and Project Coordinators to ensure the success of the Center and all its programs.

We anticipate that the Director will test and refine a number of existing and new strategies for catalyzing transformational change toward sustainability, including:

  • Supply chain innovation networks that bring together stakeholders across a supply chain to determine and implement effective strategies for achieving supply-chain wide positive change.
  • Best practices collaboratives whereby we define what “great” looks like in regard to an outcome we’re focusing on, then identifying, analyzing and sharing best practices that corporations and other stakeholders can and should use to achieve that outcome.
  • Other market-based mechanisms designed to dramatically enhance market efficiency by leveraging the connection between green/sustainable demand and supply.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Successfully launch the Center and guide the success of the Center’s various working group programs.
  2. Establish the Center strategically by leading the Center’s planning/goal clarification process, ensuring the development of clear action plans, and ensuring strong program evaluation processes.
  3. Lead fundraising for Center programs. Work collaboratively with the Executive Director, CEO/President, Development team and Program managers to raise grant funds, major gifts and participant fees to meet the Center's financial goals.
  4. Develop and manage the Center’s annual budget.
  5. Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the Center and to create new opportunities for innovative industry transformation.
  6. Ensure learning is converted into “knowledge capital” for Green America, including how to successful launch and manage working groups and shift markets toward sustainability.
  7. Hire and oversee the work of Center staff (Program Managers and Project Coordinators) and contract researchers and facilitators as needed. Foster teamwork by working cooperatively and effectively with others in the organization to set goals, resolve problems, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness. Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.
  8. Ensure that working group programs are effectively and efficiently engaging participants and successfully meeting the priority goals of the programs.
  9. Qualified Candidates should have the following skills and qualities:

    • A strong passion and skill for identifying fresh, high-leverage opportunities for transitioning industries toward sustainability.
    • Strong fundraising skills.
    • The ability to understand and converse competently about complex supply chain issues with a broad range of stakeholders, and to provide useful frameworks for analysis and action on key supply chain issues.
    • A compelling combination of confidence and humility that fosters confidence among the Center’s various stakeholders.
    • Ability to rapidly develop new strategies and ideas in a quickly changing environment.
    • Proven program management skills, including strategy and operations.
    • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to developed trusting relationships with senior executives and high-level leaders across sectors.
    • Advanced collaborative leadership skills including advanced facilitation, ability to hold the center for divergent views, and the ability to manage polarities.
    • Strong strategic planning and leadership skills, with 5+ years of experience senior management experience and experience managing multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Strong financial management skills, with experience earning and managing at least a million dollar budget.
    • Strong research and writing skills.
    • Strong speaking skills.
    • Masters degree.

    How to Apply:

    Send cover letter and resume to K. Kurthn at or to Green America, 1612 K Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006

    No calls, please.

    Green America is an equal opportunity employer.

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