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Director of Green America Non-GMO Supply Chain Working Group

Hours: Full-time (4-days, 32 hours/week)

Salary Range: $50K-$60K, Grant Track position

Benefits: medical, dental, sick days, holidays

Reports to: Director of the Green America Center for Industry Transformation

Deadline: June 16, 2014

Green America is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a just and sustainable society by harnessing economic power for positive change. Our unique approach involves working with consumers, investors and businesses. Our workplace reflects our goal of creating a more cooperative, environmentally sound economy. We have a participatory decision-making process, which aims to build consensus within the departments and teams.

Green America has launched two non-GMO supply chain working groups in the past year, in partnership with Ben & Jerry’s, Whole Foods and other organizations along the supply chain, who are working to rebuild the supply of non-GMO food and organic ingredients and animal feed in the U.S. The Non-GMO Supply Working Group launched in December 2013 and is comprised of approximately 40 participants selected for their subject matter expertise, results-orientation and collaboration skills; and with an eye to achieving sufficient/suitable representation from each of the points along the corn and soy supply chains. The current group includes farmers, seed breeders, buyers, transportation companies, processors, consumer packaged goods companies, industry analysts, and others. The group identifies strategic barriers to non-GMO food supply and develops, tests, and scales market interventions to reduce those barriers.

The North East Seed and Feed Initiative is a spin off of the Non-GMO Working Group that brings together stakeholders with a range of needs to look for shared solutions around expanding the supply of non-GMO and organic seed and animal feed in the Northeast. An initial tee-up meeting was held in May 2014 to begin planning the initiative with a larger launch meeting scheduled for July 2014. The specific working goals of this project will 1) support interested producers, suppliers, CPG, and retail companies in the Northeast dairy and meat sectors in their exploration and/or execution of a transition to non-GMO feed sources; non-GMO and organic seed sources; and/or segregated supply chains to meet non-GMO certification standards; 2) create a roadmap that can organize the market on the demand and supply sides to create efficiencies and minimize supply chain disruptions; and 3) create a plan and a set of metrics to ensure that the growth of non-GMO feed and seed in the Northeast is accompanied by improved agricultural outcomes (economic, environmental, and social).

The Project Director will be responsible for managing the two working groups described above and their priority initiatives, in close consultation with Green America’s Director of the Center for Industry Transformation, the Working Group Facilitation team, Working Group Project Coordinator, working group members and other sector experts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead the effort to successfully launch the two working groups’ priority initiatives. In 2014, the priority initiatives include the following:
    • Create, harness and disseminate key research to stakeholders along the supply chain, particularly consumers and farmers, so they better understand the problems and risks of GMOs and the benefits of transitioning to non-GMO;
    • Prototype a national co-op of non-GMO producers, possibly including marketing and insurance services;
    • Clarify and promote common standards for non-GMO production and processing to bring greater certainty to supply chain participants.
  • Serve as the point person responsible for producing key project deliverables in a timely manner, including meeting reports, special research projects and other outputs.
  • Ensure knowledge gained is converted into “knowledge capital” for Green America, including how to successful launch and manage working groups and shift markets toward sustainability.
  • Hire and oversee the work of project staff (to include a coordinator and researcher) and contract researchers and facilitators as needed.
  • Ensure that working group participants are effectively and efficiently engaged and consulted in the projects they are advising on.
  • Engage in fundraising with corporations and foundations, as well as serve as the point person for meeting the project’s financial goals for participant fees, foundation grants and special project funding from private entities, with the support of Green America’s foundation fundraising team and the Center Director.

Qualified Candidates should have the following skills and qualities:

  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to developed trusting relationships with senior executives and high-level leaders across the food sector.
  • The ability to understand and converse competently about complex supply chain issues with a broad range of stakeholders, and to provide useful frameworks for analysis and action on key supply chain issues.
  • Strong project management skills, with 5+ years of experience managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Negotiating experience and the ability to move groups both quickly and collaboratively on key priorities.
  • A passion for and strong knowledge of food issues, including GMOs, food supply chains, local foods, and organics.
  • Proven experience with fundraising.
  • Strong research and writing skills.
  • Strong speaking skills.
  • Bachelors degree.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter and resume to R. Gaskin at or to Green America, 1612 K Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006

No calls, please.

Green America is an equal opportunity employer.

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