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Conscious Consumers Can Support a Sustainable Economy with a New VISA Credit Card Benefiting People and the Planet

Green America and ShoreBank Pacific to
Share Proceeds from Every Purchase

October 21, 2009

Portland, OR. Conscious consumers can support social and environmental efforts through economic action with a new VISA® credit card benefiting the combined missions of the nonprofit Green America (formerly Co-op America) and ShoreBank Pacific.

With competitive rates, the new Green America VISA credit card is available from ShoreBank Pacific, an FDIC-insured bank committed to sustainable community development in the Pacific Northwest. The bank will contribute a portion of the interchange income from card purchases to Green America, a national nonprofit working to create a sustainable economy by supporting renewable energy, fair trade, and responsible business.

“Consumers can support two great organizations through their purchases,” said Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director of Green America. “Our Green Living Program is focused on harnessing consumers’ economic power to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. The Green America credit card is a perfect complement to that mission, since it is issued by a community bank and directs a portion of every purchase towards building a sustainable world.”

As a ShoreBank Pacific customer, Green America knows first hand the bank’s rich legacy of sustainability leadership. In addition to its commitment to fostering local economies and communities while preserving the environment, ShoreBank Pacific was one of the first in the nation to introduce socially responsible credit cards more than five years ago.

“We’ve long recognized that consumers want to ‘do good’ with their money, and continually look for the most financially responsible and rewarding products available,” said Erin Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing for ShoreBank Pacific. “Green America has a track record of action and programs to foster sustainability. Now consumers can support those efforts with every purchase.”

Applications for the Green America VISA credit card are available online at, and at any of ShoreBank Pacific’s offices in Portland, Ore., and Ilwaco and Seattle, Wash.


Green America (formerly Co-op America) is a nonprofit consumer and business membership organization founded in 1982. It is a green economy advocacy organization, working to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, workers and businesses—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

ShoreBank Pacific is an FDIC-insured bank leading the financial world in sustainable banking. Founded in 1997 by ShoreBank Corp., Chicago and Ecotrust, ShoreBank Pacific invests in people and businesses in the Pacific Northwest to create strong companies, a healthy environment and vibrant communities. ShoreBank Pacific is headquartered in Ilwaco, Wash., with a branch in Seattle, Wash and an additional lending office in Portland, Ore. Visit for more information.




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