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Dominion Power Getting the Message from 10,000 Consumers: Kick the Dirty Coal-Fired Power Plant Habit

As Shareholders Meet Friday, Co-op America Presses Company to Abandon Plans in VA and OH to Worsen Global Warming, Utility Urge to Switch to Using Renewables

April 26, 2007

Washington, DC — The non-profit Co-op America is urging consumers to go to /takeaction/dominion/index.cfm   and join the 10,000 Americans who already have urged the energy giant Dominion Power to drop its plans to build three dirty coal-fired power plants, including two slated for Virginia and Ohio.

Co-op America renewed its call for Americans to speak out against the plans of the Richmond, Va.-based energy company, which holds its annual shareholder meeting Friday.  Petitions will be presented to Dominion at the annual meeting, where shareholders are calling on the company to address climate change issues.

Co-op America Climate Change Program Director Todd Larsen said:  “Dominion's plans for our future are a giant step backwards for America. At a time when energy companies are increasingly recognizing climate change, and even calling for federal regulation of carbon, Dominion is moving forward with three polluting plants that will pump enormous amounts of carbon into our skies. Dominion has refused calls to report out on its climate emissions and how it can curb them, despite growing interest from their own shareholders. Dominion is also pushing for nuclear power - touting it as a safe, environmentally sound energy solution - and ignoring local opposition and real concerns around safety and proliferation.”

At the Co-op America Web page devoted to Dominion, visitors are urged to send a message to President and CEO Thomas Farrell.  The Web letter reads in part:  As a power consumer, I am deeply concerned about Dominion's plans to build new coal-fired power plants and increase nuclear power, while largely ignoring renewable energy, conservation and efficiency. Climate change is an enormous threat to our planet. Coal-fired power plants are a major source of climate change emissions, as well as a host of other pollutants. In addition, the mining of coal is dangerous to workers and communities and devastating to the environment. To move forward with coal-fired plants may put profits in your pockets in the short term, but will harm consumers and the environment. It's also not a good long-term strategy for your company. With climate change regulation approaching fast in the US, coal will likely become increasingly costly compared to clean energy sources.”

The Web site letter continues: “I urge your company to pursue a strategy of increasing energy conservation, energy efficiency, and clean renewable power instead, and to report out on your company's climate change emissions and work to reduce them … As an energy consumer, I will do what I can in the future to encourage the creation of clean power, and I will look to purchase clean power where I can. I hope that Dominion will take up the challenge to produce energy that is clean and green, and help your customers to reduce their energy demands.”


Co-op America is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1982, providing the economic strategies, organizing power and practicing tools for businesses and individuals to address today’s social and environmental problems.  For more information about climate change and other environmental and social issues please visit

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