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Past Press Releases

2008 Press Releases
12/11 Worst CEOs of the Dismal Year 2008: "Corporate Scrooges" Named By Co-op America Read more »
12/09 San Francisco's Seventh Annual Green Festival Draws Diverse Crowd of Over 43,000 and Celebrates Sustainability Read more »
12/03 Elephant Dung Recycler Wins Co-op America's 2008 Green Business Leader Award Read more »
11/12 Mountain Rose Herbs Wins Co-op America's 2008 People's Choice Award for Green Business of the Year Read more »
10/20 Green Festival Returns to DC Read more »
10/15 Reverse Trick-or-Treating: Thousands of Children to Give Back a Quarter Million “Treats” in U.S. and Canada Read more »
09/24 The Two Largest Resources for Green Businesses in the United States Join Forces Read more »
09/11 Co-op America to be Known as Green America Read more »
09/05 Green Festival Revitalizes Website Read more »
09/03 Co-op America Announces 2008 Winners of Building Economic Alternatives Award
Read more »
07/30 Rates More Than 150 Top Consumer Companies, Exposes Big-Brand Abuses and Enlists Consumers in Cleaning Up Corporations Read more »
07/09 Green Business Leaders Convene in San Francisco for 7th Annual Green Business Conference
Read more »
06/30 3,000 American Investors Urge SEC to End Corporate Secrecy on Climate Change Read more »
06/17 New Study Finds that Solar Could Provide 10% of U.S. Electricity Generation by 2025 Read more »
06/12 Virginia Business Leaders: Proposed Wise County Coal-Fired Power Plant "Unwise," Bad for Business
Read more »
06/09 Chicago Green Festival Gathers Together People of All Shades of Green Read more »
04/28 The Emerald City Sparkles as Beacon of Sustainability Read more »
04/18 Co-op America Targets 10 Of The Largest U.S. Mutual Fund Families For Failing To Take Action On Climate Change Read more »
04/03 Seattle Welcomes Green Festival Read more »
03/14 Green Business Leaders Gather Together in Chicago for Co-op America's 7th Annual Green Business Conference Mat 14-15, 2008 Read more »
03/07 Voting Commences to Decide Fossil Fool of the Year
Read more »
02/14 Is the Cocoa Industry Afraid of Commitment?
Read more »
01/22 Co-op America Encourages Automakers to
Plug-In to Climate Solutions Read more »


2007 Press Releases
12/05 Co-op America Presents Green Business Leadership Award to Organic Valley
Read more »
11/29 Green, Greener, Greenest: Co-op America’s “2008 National Green Pages” Provides Consumers With Over 3,000 Leading Green Businesses To Help Them “Go Green” for the Holidays and Every Day Read more »
11/20 Reusablebags.Com Wins Co-op America's People's Choice Award For 2007 Green Business Of The Year Read more »
11/19 Safegreentoys.Org: Co-op America Highlights 10 Safe, Green Toys For 2007 Holiday Season Read more »
11/15 Co-op America Urges Citizens To Oppose Waste Of Taxpayer Dollars On Nuke Reactor Loan Guarantees to Companies with $34 billion in Profits Read more »
11/01 Green Reading: Barnes and Noble, Hastings Books and Music to Feature Six Magazines Using Recycled Paper Read more »
10/29 Reverse Trick-Or-Treating: Thousands of Kids Go Door to Door Giving Out Fair Trade Chocolate Read more »
10/19 Co-op America Urges Concerned Americans To Oppose "Mountaintop Removal" Mining As Part Of National "No New Coal" Campaign Read more »
09/26 Nation's Capital Seeing Green Read more »
09/13 Plug-In Hybrids "Yes," Ethanol "No": Largest-Ever Push Mounted to Drive GM, Ford to Shift From Ethanol to Plug-In Hybrids Read more »
08/21 Responsible Business Leaders Convene in San Francisco for the 5th Green Business Conference Read more »
08/09 Fair Trade Banana Push From U.S. Consumers Targets National And Local Grocery Store Operators Read more »
06/21 People Power Trumps Dirty Power: Dominion Sees the Light, Pulls the Plug on Three Dirty Coal-Fired Plants Read more »
05/03 Chicago Goes Green In Record Numbers!
Read more »
04/26 Dominion Power Getting the Message from 10,000 Consumers: Kick the Dirty Coal-Fired Power Plant Habit! Read more »
04/23 Mutual Fund Investors Urged To Put Heat On Mutual Fund Companies To Vote Responsibly On Global Warming Resolutions Read more »
04/03 Folio Recognizes Co-op America Project Director as Magazine Industry Leader Read more »
04/01 Responsible Business Leaders Convene in Chicago at The Green Business Conference Read more »
03/06 Chicago Welcomes Green Festival Read more »
                     2006 Press Releases
12/05 Co-op America Presents Green Business Leadership Award to New Leaf Paper
Read more »
11/29 Co-op America Chosen as a "Foolanthropy" Charity in 2006 Read more »
11/10 Co-op America Announces People's Choice Awards for 2006 Read more »
10/30 Winner of the 2006 Building Economic Alternatives Award Announced Read more »
10/26 Washington DC Goes Green! Read more »
10/25 Winners of the 2006 Aveda Environmental Award Announced Read more »
10/12 Green Business to Gather at Fourth Annual Premier Green Business Conference
Read more »
9/20 Co-op America Launches First-Ever Green Festival Getaway Sweepstakes Read more »
8/29 Community Investing Groups Investing Millions Of Dollars In Katrina-torn Gulf Region, More Investors Urged To Join Effort
Read more »
7/27 Green Goes Mainstream Read more »
6/27 Co-op America Teams with Social(k) to Offer Socially Responsible Retirement Program to 3,500 Businesses Read more »
5/4 Power Consumers Nationwide Tell Peabody to Clean Up Its Act on Climate Change
Read more »
4/25 New Website Reveals the Worst Practices of America's Largest Companies Read more »
4/20 Elle Uses Recycled Paper Just for Their "Green" Issue Read more »
3/28 Investors and Consumers Urge Fidelity, Vanguard and American Funds to Take Action on Global Warming Read more »
1/26 Investors Tell Major Mutual Funds to Take Climate Change Seriously Read more »
2005 Press Releases
12/1 Survey Finds Consumers Will Spend More for Publications on Recycled Paper Read more »
11/16 Habitat Suites Wins Green Business Leadership Award Read more »
11/10 Winners of the First Ever Aveda Environmental Awards Announced Read more »
11/7 Green Gift Catalog Provides Alternatives This Holiday Season Read more »
11/7 Ten Thousand Villages Wins People's Choice for Green Business of the Year Read more »
11/7 Green is the Word at San Francisco Green Festival 2005 Read more »
10/17 Consumers Pledge Not to Shop at Wal-Mart This Holiday Season Read more »
10/1 DC Plays Host to Largest Green Gathering Ever at Green Festival 2005 Read more »
9/25 2005 BEA Awarded to Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility Read more »
9/20 First Ever People's Choice Award for the Green Business of the Year Read more »
7/25 2006 National Green Pages Gives Consumers a Guide to Sustainable Living Read more »
6/14 New Seal of Approval for People and the Planet Read more »
6/14 Making the Classroom a Teaching Tool for Sustainability Read more »
4/26 Shape , Mother Jones, and Other Magazines “Plant” Trees for Arbor Day Read more »
4/20 Urging ExxonMobil to Address Climate Change this Earth Day Read more »
4/19 Support for Fair Trade Grows Read more »
4/19 This Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - and Respect Read more »
3/1 Report Proposes Aggressive Plan to Regain U.S. Leadership in Multi-Billion Dollar Solar PV Market Read more »
2004 Press Releases
11/23 2005 National Green Pages Gives Consumers One Stop Green Shopping Read more »
11/17 You’re Never Too Old for a Holiday Wish List Read more »
11/16 Bigger, Better and Greener Than Ever: San Francisco Green Festival Beats the 24,000 Mark Read more »
11/16 “Tool Kit” Dispels Myths, Urges Sustainability in the Magazine Industry Read more »
11/1 Best Green Businesses and Products Return to San Francisco Read more »
10/26 Fair Trade for Thanksgiving Read more »
7/6 Co-op America Teams with NativeEnergy for Second Year of Green Energy Initiative
Read more >
6/3 Fair Trade Is Just a Mouse Click Away
Read more >
5/19 Wal-Mart Gets an 'F' Read more >
2003 Press Releases
9/15 Advocacy Groups and Shareholders Persuade Procter & Gamble to Offer Fair Trade Coffee
Read more >
9/10 Fair Trade Industry Tops $USD Quarter of a Billion Read more >
3/15 Grounds for Concern? Co-op America urges Safeway to offer Fair Trade Certified Coffee in the Safeway Select Line
Read more >
1/15 Ranger Rick, The Progressive Honored for Environmental Leadership
Magazines Buck Industry Trend, Spurn 100% Virgin Paper Read more >
1/1 Deforestation Counter Launched One Tree Logged Every Second to Print U.S. Magazines Read more >
2002 Press Releases
11/20 Give the Gift of True Relaxation with the National Green Pages Read more >
4/30 Fair Trade Industry Sales Neared $100 Million in 2000 Read more >


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