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First Ever People's Choice Award for the Green Business of the Year
September 20, 2005

Recognizing businesses making a difference in their communities every day.

Washington, DC - Co-op America announces the first ever People's Choice Award for Green Business of the Year. Communities across the country benefit from businesses committed to social environmental responsibility and now this award will recognize the leaders among those businesses.

With products ranging from recycled paper and Fair Trade crafts to socially responsible investing and organic food and clothing, these businesses are taking the lead and setting social and environmental standards all businesses could and should follow.

"This award is designed to recognize the outstanding work businesses are doing around the county to help their communities thrive, respect the environment, and provide healthy products and services," said Alisa Gravitz, Co-op America Executive Director.

Over seventy green and fair trade companies that are members of Co-op America's Green Business Network™ have been nominated by conscientious consumers around the country to be the first People's Choice as an outstanding green business. Green businesses operate in ways that solve, rather than cause, both environmental and social problems. These businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment.

The People's Choice Award for Green Business of the Year winner will be chosen by a popular vote of the general public. All are welcome to cast their vote for their favorite nominee at:

Everyone placing a vote will be entered into a raffle for $500 worth of gift certificates for sweatshop-free clothing, yoga gear, Fair Trade coffee and crafts, organic bedding and bath items, and more! Voting is open September 15, 2005 until October 21, 2005, so don't miss your chance to vote for the most outstanding green business.

The award winner will be announced on November 5, 2005 at Green Festival in San Francisco. For more information on this award and other Co-op America projects please visit or call 1-800-58GREEN.

By: Andrew Korfhage, Associate Editor, Co-op America


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