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Best Green Businesses and Products Return to San Francisco
Cutting Edge Socially and Environmentally Responsible Companies showcasing at the Green Festival
November 1 , 2004

San Francisco – November 6th and 7th at the Concourse Exhibition Center, over 400 green businesses will be exhibiting thousands of unique products and services that work for people and the planet at the Green Festival, sponsored by Global Exchange and Co-op America, as it returns to San Francisco for it’s third year.  Last year’s Green Festivals drew 30,000 attendees.

The Green Festival offers the latest innovations in natural body products, biodiesel technology, handmade jewelry, alternative energy sources, sweatshop free clothes, and much more from over 400 of Co-op America’s green business members.  Hear inspiring speakers and network with community leaders.  Enjoy live music, tour a biodiesel bus, and sample delicious organic food, beer, and wine. 

All of these green businesses are members of Co-op America’s Green Business Network™, the nation’s largest and oldest network of socially responsible businesses.  All of these businesses must pass Co-op America’s strict screens of social and environmental responsibility.  Some of the companies include: Tamalpais Natureworks, Twisted Limb, Vivavi, Green Maids, Honest Tea, OCSC Sailing, Organic Bouquet, Pax World Funds, Lap Top Lunches, Organic Valley, Equal Exchange, Working Assets, Eco Express Gifts, Earthware Biodegradables, and many more. 

The Green Festival in Washington DC this past September proved that consumers are rushing to buy from green businesses.  Book sales in Washington surpassed all previous sales records for the local African-American bookstore and businesses new to the DC market had their highest sales records in a new market area.  One publishing company with over 30 years in operation had its largest retail sales day ever at the Green Festival.

In purchasing from one of the businesses at the Green Festival, attendees are guaranteed that their money is going to help drive the green economy, one that works for people, for businesses and for the planet. Those dollars will help develop alternative energy sources and recycling programs, expand the market for organic food and clothes, establish fair wages and healthy working conditions worldwide, produce cleaning products and processes that reduce toxins, and fund programs that educate the public about creating a safer, healthier planet. For more information on any of Co-op America’s business members visit


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