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You’re Never Too Old for a Holiday Wish List
Consumers are Sending Sweat Free wishes to large company CEO’s
November 17 , 2004

Washington DC – This year consumers across the country are using their purchasing power to wish for fair wages and safe working conditions for workers around the world.  CEO’s from some of the country’s largest clothing retailers can expect gift boxes filled with ‘Wish Letters’ from thousands of concerned consumers.

Co-op America’s Sweat-Free Holiday Campaign calls on consumers to write ‘wish letters’ asking CEO’s to give a gift to workers everywhere by sourcing products from factories where workers are paid a living wage, have the right to organize, and where work conditions are safe.

Parents, children, community groups, and faith-based groups are writing in to say they support sweat-free products.  They are also using Co-op America’s National Green Pages to locate socially and environmentally responsible companies who do not source from sweatshops.

“Consumers don’t have to support sweatshop labor this holiday season,” said Alisa Gravitz, Co-op America’s Executive Director.  “Purchasing products that are Fair Trade, cooperatively produced, or made in a union shop, assures your holidays will be sweat-free.”

Sweatshops don’t only exist in other countries, the United States is home to 22,000 garment workers, over half of whom work in factories that violate minim wage and overtime laws, according to the US Department of Labor.  Government surveys also reveal 75 percent of US garment factories violate safety and health laws.

Co-op America's Ending Sweatshops Program is aimed at harnessing the economic power of consumers and investors to call for an end to sweatshops and to promote healthy workplaces that offer living wages and respect the right to self-determination of all people.

To find out more please visit or call 1-800-58GREEN.

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