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Fair Trade Is Just a Mouse Click Away
New Fair Trade Web site provides information and resources on promoting trade that pays a fair wage
June 3, 2004

Washington, DC - A growing Fair Trade movement that pays farmers and artisans a fair wage and develops thriving communities is building in the U.S. It’s even easier for people to get involved. Through the new Web site,, Co-op America educates consumers about Fair Trade, gives resources for finding Fair Trade products, and provides action steps they can take to promote it in their community.

Consumer action -- whether people buy fairly traded products or advocate for Fair Trade within their community -- is a vital part of the Fair Trade solution. Therefore, the Web site equips consumers with information and resources about Fair Trade products, including coffee, chocolate, tea, and bananas.

Through the Web site, consumers learn where Fair Trade products are available so they can take an active role in supporting farmers and artisans by purchasing Certified Fair TradeTM products. The Web site also urges consumers to join Co-op America’s Supermarket Campaign, a movement encouraging supermarkets to carry fairly traded products. Concerned consumers can visit the Web site to find out more information about the Supermarket Campaign as well as other aspects of Fair Trade, including:

  • How to consult your store manager about having Fair Trade products in your local supermarket
  • Hosting a letter writing session to persuade your supermarket, school, church, or workplace to carry fairly traded items
  • Free Guide to forming a Fair Trade Action team to promote Fair Trade in local businesses and supermarkets
  • Links to businesses listed in Co-op America’s National Green Pages that sell fairly traded products
  • Information on the positive effects Fair Trade has on farmers, artisans, communities and environment
  • Stories and news from other consumers on how Fair Trade is impacting lives worldwide

What is fair trade and how is it a solution?
Fair Trade bridges the gap between producers and consumers. It builds a sustainable future on producers' own abilities, with the main objective being to improve the producers' quality of life. Several aspects of Fair Trade include:

  • Producers receive a fair price for their goods and advances on orders.
  • Sources, production, and workplaces do not exploit people or the environment.
  • Products have meaning above their tangible attributes; consumers are informed about the people who make the products they purchase, increasing their loyalty.

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By Lyndsey Sage

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