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Urging ExxonMobil to Address Climate Change this Earth Day

Denying climate change as a reality won’t stop consumers from seeing the truth

April 20, 2005

Washington, DC – On the 35th anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement, Co-op America and conscience consumers are telling ExxonMobil to listen to scientists, investors, and the concerned public to take climate change seriously and invest in renewable energy.

This Earth Day Co-op America’s Shareholder Action Program urges key ExxonMobil Board Committee Chairs to override ExxonMobil’s senior management’s lackluster response to this issue.  Over 20,000 letters are expected to be generated and delivered to the board at the annual meeting.

Co-op America’s letter urges the Board of Directors at ExxonMobil to look closely at climate change, since their CEO is failing to respond to climate change and the company has become a target of boycotts, protests, divestments, and shareholder action.

Alisa Gravitz, Co-op America’s Executive Director, said, “We expect board members to fulfill their duty and not simply rubber stamp ill-advised opinions of senior management on the issue of climate change.  We expect board members to reduce ExxonMobil’s climate change impact and join other forward thinking energy companies and invest in renewable energy.”

“The health of the planet is at stake, and so is the financial health of the company.  This is not a simple ‘do-good’ demand, as ExxonMobil shareholders and consumers we care about the financial future of the company and if ExxonMobil continues ignoring climate change they are exposing the company to enormous risk,” Gravitz said.  Co-op America is encouraging people to write letters and e-mails to Board Committee Chairs, which will then be presented to them at the next ExxonMobil shareholder meeting in May.  Sample letters can be found at

Last year Co-op America’s Shareholder Action Program presented Lee Raymond with over 10,000 letters concerning his stance on climate change and now they’re going to the board with the hopes of awakening them to the threat of global warming and the opportunities for ExxonMobil to act.

“Nearly everyone in the country buys gas from ExxonMobil or owns its shares, often through mutual funds or 401(k) plans.  So if you are an ExxonMobil consumer or a conscience member of the public, you can join in this effort to demand that ExxonMobil take responsibility for the health of the planet and the company,” Gravitz added.

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