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The following members of our Green Business Network support Green America whenever you make a purchase. Check out their offers and know that your dollars are supporting both a responsible business and Green America.


Green America has joined with Beneficial State Bank (formerly One PacificCoast Bank, a community development leader) to offer a VISA® credit card that turns your everyday purchases into acts of environmental and social change. We've designed the Green America VISA card to follow all the best practices in credit cards we've been recommending for years — steering credit card business away from the mega-banks. A percentage of each purchase is directed back to Green America »


Special to residents of Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York, Sungevity offers solar leasing to homeowners who'd like to go solar at home for no money down. The deal avoids the up-front cost of a solar system by leasing your system month-to-month, plus you receive cleaining, maintenance, and insurance for the system for free. Best of all—the combined cost of your lease payment plus the cost of your new (lower) electricity bill is likely to be less than the cost of your old electricity bill. Plus, when you get your system installed, Sungevity gives you $500 for signing up, and donates $500 to Green America for referring you. All of that, plus you're doing your part to transition America away from its addiction to dirty fossil fuels »


So why switch to CREDO Mobile? They're the only phone company that helped stop construction of 63 coal-fired power plants — and the first phone company certified carbon-neutral by Plus, as a Green American you'll get a special discount on your monthly service fee. You'll also get everything else you expect from a top-tier phone company, like nationwide coverage and friendly, efficient customer service, and when you sign up, CREDO Mobile makes a donation to Green America »


Organic Bouquet is the premier online eco-gift boutique that offers a balance of elegance with our shared concern for the well-being of the planet. The unique collection of stylish eco-friendly flowers, plants, wreaths, gourmet, gift baskets and more are carefully selected based on the highest social and environmental standards. Organic Bouquet partners with Green America to educate consumers about the benefits of purchasing environmentally friendly flowers and gifts. With every purchase, 10 percent of the sale will be donated to Green America »


On May 4, 2007 a massive tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas, leaving a path of devastation two miles wide. In the aftermath, the residents committed rebuilding as “the greenest town in America.” To support the greening of Greensburg, NativeEnergy offers carbon-emissions reduction credits to help build the new Greensburg Wind Farm, with a portion of each offset also helping support Green America »


Introducing the "I am a Green American" T-shirt, made from super-soft, 100-percent certified organic cotton, and produced and printed here in the USA. (See a larger image of the design here.) When you purchase this tee you can be proud to support organic cotton farming, fair wages, and green business practices. (A cool "T-shirt facts" image on the sleeve explains how the shirt was made; now you can wear your values on your sleeve!) Proceeds go to growing the programs at Green America. Order yours today »