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Here at Green America, we are inspired to see people in cities and town squares from coast to coast send the message that the old, corrupt Wall Street economy is not working for people or the planet. We welcome so many new people who are waking up to the idea that they can take action to end the damage and suffering of this destructive system and help build a new, green economy that works for all.

The people raising their voice for a better way forward join a long-standing movement to change the way America does business. Since our founding, Green America has worked to stop corporate abuse and to hold irresponsible corporations accountable for their greed, for their environmental destruction, and for their exploitation of workers. We also work to grow the green economy, strengthening small, green businesses that are the engines for innovation and job creation. In the financial sector, we work to support local community development banks and credit unions that care about the communities they serve.

For too long, corporate America has externalized its costs, polluting our environment and shipping good-paying jobs overseas. For too long, Wall Street has fattened its own bottom line, exploiting the poor and the middle class, all while CEO salaries have soared, and the income gap between rich and poor has widened.  

Together, we can shift from “greed” to “green.”

Some have accused the Occupy Wall Street protestors of combining too many issues together into one movement. The reality is that our society faces a set of interconnected crises – economic, ecological and social – that stem from the misconduct of our economic system. It will take an interconnected set of solutions to fix the system and create a real economic recovery that works for all.

At Green America, we believe in the interconnectedness of many issues that together form the fabric of what it means to be truly green. For us, the definition of “green” always means both social justice and environmental sustainability. To that end, we call on all Americans to work both on stopping the damage and suffering caused by the old economy and on building the new economy.

Let’s work together to replace fossil fuels with clean renewables; sweatshop factories with fair trading systems; and greedy, profit-driven corporate mega-banks with community development financial institutions that care about their customers. Let’s invest in the small, local businesses that create jobs and strengthen communities. We have the solutions in our hands – the way forward is a green economy powered by clean energy.

To the protestors: We are proud to stand with you as part of the 99 percent.


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