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Member Report 2012

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Together, we’re creating a clean energy future.

In the next five years, our Climate Action program will work to double energy efficiency across the board, and make renewable energy the primary source of electricity — tackling climate change and creating millions of jobs, energy security, and a sustainable, 21st century economy!

In 2010…

  • We stood up to America’s filthiest coal-fired utility — Southern Co. After successfully pulling the plug on 128 proposed plants with our allies, we are now targeting the nation’s top CO2 emitters and challenging them to be leaders in energy efficiency.
  • Our Clean Energy Victory Bonds to finance the clean energy sector and create green jobs, picked up steam after we met with the Obama Administration and key members of Congress. Modeled after the WWII Victory Bonds, they could generate trillions for clean energy.
  • Our Climate Action program was nationally recognized for promoting energy efficiency and mobilizing thousands of community groups, businesses, and individuals to commit to energy conservation.

With your help in 2011, we’ll take back our energy systems with a two-pronged approach — mobilize support to shut down 22 of the nation’s filthiest coal plants, and advance Clean Energy Victory Bonds to finance a rapid ten-year transition to the green energy future.


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