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Member Report 2012

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Together, we’re embarking on our most ambitious program ever, financing local businesses to strengthen local communities.

When we asked our members, what is the most important action you wish you could take to help your community, you answered: invest locally! Regulations make this nearly impossible for individuals, so we created a new way of tackling the issue together.

In 2010 …

  • We launched Green America Exchange, a B2B barter exchange system — the kind that saved Switzerland from the depths of the Great Depression, and keeps its small-business sector strong to this day. It allows local businesses to trade with each other without cash, making it possible for them to survive during downturns and thrive when the economy improves.

  • We exposed the wrong-doing in the banking system. Our “Break up with Your Mega-Bank” campaign and Community Investing efforts has moved millions of dollars out of the big banks and into community investment institutions.

  • You can be proud that our 1% in Community Campaign, in collaboration with our allies at the Social Investment Forum, has moved over $1 billion into low-income communities for affordable housing, day-care centers, and sustainable businesses.

In 2011, we’ll take back our financing system with our two new game-changing programs. We’ll ramp up the Green America Exchange. And introduce a new program to finance local, green businesses across the U.S. — allowing people everywhere to invest in their local business, farms, and food systems.