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Bad Apple Campaign Bad Apple Campaign: End smartphone sweatshops

We are calling on Apple to lead the way in protecting worker health and safety. 


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Eliminate Toxic Chemicals

Stop the use of the most dangerous, toxic chemicals in Apple supplier factories and replace them with safer alternatives.

Factories making Apple products use toxic chemicals that cause cancer (carcinogens such as benzene), chemicals that cause birth defects and miscarriages (reproductive toxins such as toluene), and chemicals that cause nerve damage (neurotoxins such as n-hexane). Apple must identify and disclose all chemicals used in supplier factories as well as those in all Apple products. In situations where the danger of a chemical is unknown, Apple must require proper testing. Apple must institute and enforce appropriate exposure monitoring, medical monitoring, and effective training and management systems to ensure worker health and safety. Supplier factories must provide workers with adequate safety training and protective gear free of charge.

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Ensure Adequate Medical Treatment

Create a fund to pay for the treatment of injured workers and ensure that all workers injured while making Apple products receive adequate treatment. For workers struggling to access care, Apple and its supplier factories must institute a safe and rapid mechanism for workers to report illnesses.

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End Worker Abuse

Apple and its supplier factories must ensure compliance with the ILO’s eight Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, article 32 on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, and national laws regarding occupational health and safety, worker benefits, and minimum wage for all workers, including young, migrant workers. Apple and its suppliers must ensure worker empowerment to effectively oversee and enforce these rights without interference or retaliation from management.

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Roughly half the world's smartphones are made in China, where tens of millions work in the electronics-manufacturing sector.  These workers are regularly exposed to dangerous chemicals without protective gear or adequate training, and some are developing serious illnesses such as leukemia and nerve damage.  Sick workers do not always receive sufficient treatment.  More than 1.5 million people are estimated to work in Apple's supplier factories.  As a company that made $37 billion in profit in 2013, Apple can and must put an end to these abuses.

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