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Dear Green American,

In the war against everyday toxins – the innovative businesses of our Green Business Network™ lead the way!

I remember speaking with Jeff Marcous, president of Dharma Merchant Services, at last November's San Francisco Green Festival, about a topic we've become concerned about – the use of the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) on coated cash register receipts.

This is the same nasty chemical that is in too many plastics, from water bottles to the coated linings inside of food cans. Linked in studies to obesity, cancer, and fetal development problems (and outright banned in Canada), BPA isn't a chemical you want to mess around with. When you handle receipts, BPA doesn't wash off your hands, and if the receipt is in your pocket, the BPA goes right through your clothes.

It's great to learn that Jeff and the crew at Dharma have now entirely switched over to selling only BPA-free cash register paper to their clients, like Numi Tea, Vital Hemptations, and the Mirador Community Store, protecting their customers and their workers.

See below for more on BPA at the cash-register, and also for this month's Faces of the Green Pages interview with GrandyOats Granola, a Maine-based organic-foods leader that is working hard to keep toxic pesticides out of the environment.

Finally, wondering what to do about companies – unlike Dharma, GrandyOats, Numi Tea, and the rest of our Green Business Network – that aren't doing their part for the environment? We point you below toward three big companies facing upcoming shareholder resolutions on toxins in their products, or produced by their business. Read more about shareholder action here, and if you own stock, please take action and vote your proxies through our partners at MoxyVote. When you sign up to vote your proxies through MoxyVote, they send a $5 donation to Green America for referring you -- a double-win for the environment.

Here's to keeping our lives toxin-free,
Alisa (signature)
Alisa Gravitz,
Executive Director,
Green America

P.S. Support our work keeping toxins out of our environment! Your donation keeps our Green Business Network thriving in these trying economic times, and helps us keep the pressure on the biggest corporations to improve their environmental records. Thank you for your support.


Vote Your Proxies Against Toxins:
BPA, Coal Ash, and Greenhouse Gases

Vote Your Proxies!For the second year, Green America is teaming up with Moxy Vote, the free online proxy-voting platform that allows shareholders to vote their proxy ballots easily and electronically.

This year, shareholders are taking on dozens of major issues, from climate change and recycling to human rights and political contributions, and we'll update you throughout the spring on upcoming resolutions. To see if you own stock in any of the resolutions Green America is targeting specifically, check out our list at Moxy Vote or on the shareholder charts on our Web site.

Some upcoming resolutions on environmental toxins in the next few weeks include:

  • Shareholders will vote by April 23 for Coca-Cola to report on its use of BPA in the linings of its cans.
  • Shareholders will vote by April 17 for Ameren Energy Corporation to report on its generation of coal combustion waste, or coal ash.
  • Shareholders will vote by May 7 for CVS/Caremark to adopt principles to guide the company's actions in relation to climate change.

Sign up to vote your proxies with Moxy Vote »


How Dharma Merchant Services Cut Toxic BPA from Their Cash-Register Receipts

Demand BPA-free receiptsWhen the owners of Dharma Merchant Services first heard about BPA on cash register receipts, they knew they had to take action. Not only did they want to protect their customers and workers from BPA on receipt paper, but they knew they wanted to effect a larger system-change.

So, not only did Jeff and Alexia Marcous (president and vice-president of Dharma) update their own in-house supply of receipt paper, but they also convinced their supplier, POS Portal, one of the largest suppliers for the merchant-services industry as a whole, to start selling BPA-free paper.

"Until we can get to soy inks for cash registers, and a completely chemical-free product, it's important that we sell the safest, greenest products available to our clients," says Alexia. "Not to mention, it's recommended that merchants save their receipts at home for up to one year. We didn't want our clients out there with piles of BPA-coated paper everywhere."

Read More on BPA in Receipts »


Meet Nat Peirce of GrandyOats Granola:
Keeping Food Toxin-Free

Granola Since its founding more than three decades ago, popular Maine granola-maker GrandyOats' most popular product "is and has always been 'Classic Granola'," says president and head-honcho Nat Peirce.

But since then, GrandyOat's product line has greatly expanded, including new granola flavors like honey-apple crisp, goji-agave, chocolate-almond crisp, and low-fat cranberry chew. That's in addition to the trail mixes and organic roasted nuts like tamari almonds, curry cashews, maple cashews, and more.

We asked Nat to tell us more about GrandyOats' products, how to order in bulk (or find a local retailer selling GrandyOats), and their next green plans for the future.

Read the interview »

April 5, 2011
In This Issue:

· Vote Your Proxies Against Toxins: Bisphenol-A (BPA), coal ash, and greenhouse gases

· How Dharma Merchant Services cut toxic BPA from their cash register receipts

· Meet Nat Peirce of GrandyOats Granola -- keeping food toxin-free

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