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End Smartphone Sweatshops Campaign End smartphone sweatshops

1. What is the problem with smartphone sweatshops?
2. How big is this problem?
3. Why is this campaign focusing on Apple?
4. What are the demands of the campaign?
5. What is benzene and what is it used for? Are there suitable alternatives?
6. What other chemicals are of concern and what are the alternatives?
7. What about Apple’s Supplier Responsibility report and Code of Conduct?
8. I heard about problems in Apple factories on This American Life, but the story was retracted. What’s new?
9. What about other smartphone/cell phone manufacturers?
10. Is there a good phone to buy?
11. What about other problems, like conflict minerals and e-waste?
12. How can I purchase and dispose of my electronics more responsibly?
13. I like my Apple products. What should I do?
14. I own Apple shares. What should I do?
15. Where can I learn more?
16. Who is behind this campaign?
17. How can I get more involved?

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