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Ming Kunpeng worked at an electronics factory since he was 19 »

At 22, Ming KP was diagnosed with occupational leukemia »

Ming KP's family relocated to Shenzhen to support him with his illness
and the bureaucracy of getting diagnosed »

Ming KP with his family, long before he left to work at an electronics factory »

With friends in 2007, before Ming KP's occupational leukemia diagnosis »

Ming Kunpeng sadly ended his life in December 2013, at age 27 »

Images courtesy of Heather White.

Ming Kunpeng started working at ASM Pacific Technology, a longtime Apple chip supplier, when he was 19 years old. He was required to handle benzene on a daily basis, without adequate training or protective gear. In 2009, at age 22, Ming Kunpeng fell ill and was eventually diagnosed with leukemia. Much more time, tests, and effort finally proved Ming Kunpeng's illness was occupational in nature. Requests to ASM to pay for Ming Kunpeng’s treatment were responded to too late and did not cover the care he needed.

On December 28th 2013, despite the supportive efforts of his entire family to get him ongoing care and medication, Ming Kunpeng committed suicide by jumping from the roof of his building. His fight is one that is fought by thousands of benzene-poisoned leukemia patients. Read more about this case at Good Electronics.

Watch Those were the Years when I was at Foxconn for another young migrant worker’s perspective.

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