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Angel Wind Energy
Onarga, IL

Angel Wind Energy, Inc. was founded by Michael, Ben, and Will Harroun as a family business in the clean energy sector. With a lack of clean-energy awareness in central Illinois, Angel Wind Energy Inc was set up to meet three main goals:

  • To provide reasonably priced quality equipment to residential, commercial, and educational facilities;
  • To encourage and foster renewable energy and energy efficiency education in the local schools, both K-12 and college level; and
  • To work with  both local and national legislators to build policy to encourage the use of renewable energy technology in our society.

Over the past 4 years, Angel Wind Energy Inc. has grown, installing many residential, commercial, and educational wind and solar projects throughout the Midwest. Each installation is custom-tailored to its location and put in as cost-effectively as possible. 

Angel Wind Energy
The Angel Wind Energy team. From left to right: Michael Harroun, Will Harroun, Ben Harroun, and Sylvia Zeilke.

Angel Wind Energy Inc. is also a local leader that sets an example for the surrounding communities. We operate our office with a 6.2kw solar electric system, two wind turbines, a waste-oil heating system, LED lighting, low-flow water aerators, and a commercial energy monitoring system to gauge our impacts. We prefer to install and promote highly visible projects at educational facilities, and have worked with several central Illinois grade schools, high schools, community colleges, and trade schools. We are a supporting member of the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) and sit on the President's Advisory Board of the Sustainability Education & Economic Development(SEED) national organization. To establish local policy initiatives, Ben Harroun, Angel Wind's vice president sits on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA), an organization dedicated to the growth of solar and clean energy technology in the state of Illinois.

One of our strongest programs has been working with Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois. With their help, we have designed systems and donated items to help electrify a community library and lighthouse in a small fishing village on the coast of Belize. We are working with the group to help provide a renewable energy electrical system for a nature conservatory off the coast of Belize and Costa Rica this winter. If Angel Wind Energy Inc. is honored enough to win this award, we will use the majority of the prize funds to donate equipment to these educational projects, such as the Belize Projects and to set up a solar and wind educational course at our local school system. We believe that education of our youth is what will positively affect our future. This will ensure a bright path for our society to follow into a better, clean energy run world. 

Belize Library
Angel Wind Energy installed this small small solar system to light up the community library in Belize last January.
Above & below: Angel Wind Energy installed a a wind turbine system at a local trade school in Springfield, IL with the help of the kids attending the school.
Below: Angel Wind Energy installed a 2kw photovoltaic system on the Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Urbana IL, the first of its kind in the area.
Booker T