Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet


Brighton Car Wash
Naperville, IL

What makes us green?
We have made great strides to implement many renewable and energy-saving systems at Brighton Car Wash & Detail Center. Reducing our carbon footprint and our city grid demands are the number-one prioritity in our hearts and minds. We reduced our natural gas consumption by 70-percent since 2009 with our solar thermal system, reduced our electricity use by 60-percent since 2007 with E-Star motors, lighting and timers, and reduced our water-use well over 20-percent through responsible metering and adjustments.  

How are we a green leader?
In being a business in the heart of Naperville with one of the busiest intersections in town right in front of us, we wanted to find a way for the public to understand why it is important to stop the driveway washing and use a professional carwash that recaptures all the waste water. After many years of reducing our utilities with more efficient systems, It was time to really show them what's up with the installation of our 32-foot monopole UGE 1KW vertical axis wind turbine right in the public's eye. Now we are known for our landmark and have set the standard to lead by example. We offer tours of our facilities at any time. Stop on out we would love to show you how we wash a car the most responsible way around.

Roof T-shirt

In 2008, when the Nicor Gas bill reached $1.40 per therm, something had to be done, QUICK! We turned to solar thermal heating systems. This system pre-heats the water or air before the boiler or heating system. This is a challenge because of freezing temperatures in the north, but SunHeatSolar's evacuated solar tube system works great for us.

At Brighton Car Wash & Detail Center, reducing our carbon footprint is our main goal. Since the summer of 2006, we have explored and implemented many renewable energies and will continue as more are invented in the future. "It's time for a better car wash and a brighter "greener" tomorrow!"

With Prop Lifting Going in
We have made tremendous strides to reduce our demand on fossil fuels and let the thermal nuclear star in the sky do our heating needs and capitalizing on new technoliges that are available. We could have just sat back and sucked the earth dry, but that's not us at Brighton Car Wash & Detail Center. We care about you and our earth. "It' time for a better car wash and a brighter "greener" tomorrow for us to leave behind. 
Bulb' Flux

LED was not an option under our vacuum canopy due the the quality and amount of even light needed to properly clean the interior of vehicles . We interviewed many lighting contractors and with the newness of the technology advancements in florescent lighting, we chose to use -20f T5 fixtures in this area. This is twice as bright and twice as warm feeling as our old lighting with a savings of over 1000 watts per hour in this area.

We also replaced the insulation of a compassiter on our breaker board. We like to call it "The Flex Compassitor." This piece of equipment lowers the AMP draw upon an electric motor during the start up cycle. Any building with electric motors -- HVAC motors, washing machines, garbage disposals, dishwashers, attic and exhaust fans, well pumps and of course garage door openers -- can benefit from this piece of equipment.   We were quoted a savings of about 5-7% but it has turned out to be about 10-15% from our bills prior.