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Norfolk, VA

Net-Zero Energy Project:
Design a 100% on-site green energy system to manufacturer our green bedding.

Since we manufacture GREEN bedding using only renewable and sustainable materials, it made good sense for us to come full-circle and install our own green energy system. Our goal was to design and install a 100% on-site renewable energy system, and we’re proud to say “mission accomplished.” We are now what’s called a "Net Zero Energy Building", and there aren't too many commercial buildings that can make that claim.

First we made sure we were highly energy-efficient with appliances, lighting and geo-Thermal HVAC, R-25+ insulation and reflective foil in our ceilings and walls. Next we designed a system that uses both solar and wind to generate power that would meet and exceed our energy needs. The system was completed in early 2011, and we've been using ZERO kWh ever since.

Our system produces 89,400 kWh annually. Of that, we use approximately 84,000 kWh per year. We've opted for net-metering which means the excess energy we generate goes back to the power company.

The Hahns, husband and wife, Richard and Cheryl, are no beginners when it comes to green living. In 1991 they opened Tomorrow's World, one of the first green stores in America. Back then Tomorrow's World offered a full selection of various energy efficient appliances and technologies, including renewable energy systems, but when Richard left the business in 2001, Cheryl opted to dissolve that division of the company.

"When Richard left, I knew I wouldn't be able to solely provide the knowledge and service necessary for renewable energy systems, so I turned the company into manufacturing specialty organic bedding instead." says Cheryl Hahn. "I'm excited to generate our very own green clean energy to make our clean green bedding. It's full-circle."

CozyPure® is the only organic and green bedding manufacturer in America to utilize a trio-system of wind, solar and geothermal on-site to produce 100% of the power for our factory, offices, warehouse and retail store.

PowerWe are awaiting our project to be available soon on the Zero Energy Building government database. CozyPure® is proud to be an EPA Green-Power-Partner.

We don't just talk... we walk the talk.
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If we are fortunate to win amongst these other fine nominations, we are eager to acquire third-party certification for our ZERO-ENERGY status with a program such as the Net Zero Energy Building Certification" or similar.


The green power generated by CozyPure® prevents an estimated 148,503 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.


We think clean energy is much more attractive than ugly power lines. Blue sky. Blue water. Blue solar panels.

Renewable energy can be very aesthetically pleasing... and we're here to proof it. Most people walking by don't even realize the awning is an array of solar panels designed to capture 3.6 Kilowatts of electricity.
Our commitment to the environment and sustainability means best quality, higher value products made in ways that preserve our natural resources while also reducing our production waste and energy consumption.


Our heating and air is provided by utilizing Geo-Thermal which uses up to 70% less energy than conventional HVAC systems. The constant temperature of the earth is the starting point so there are no real extremes in reaching the ideal temperature whether it's to heat or cool the space.