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Green Canopy Homes
Seattle, WA

Green Canopy Homes is the only successful for-profit business model focused on inspiring resource efficiency in residential markets by retrofitting existing homes and building new net-zero homes.  We are determined to leave the planet better than how we found it.

With every fixer home that we acquire and rebuild, third-party auditors show that more GHG emissions are prevented from going into the atmosphere than the average car produces in one year.  Those emissions reductions remain in effect year after year after year, and they are achieved using with a non-outsourced workforce and existing technologies.

According to the EPA, the residential end-use sector accounted for 22 percentof CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion in 2010.  We began this company in response to our climate change problems with the mission to inspire resource efficiency in residential markets.  We are transforming and inspiring the Seattle real estate market with every home we buy, rebuild and then sell.  We do this through our Community Color Program our Green Canopy Energy Agent Program and through Green Canopy Capital LLC. 

Our Community Color Program invites the community to VOTE on the color we will paint the home.  This engages the community in our company and mission.  The Green Canopy Energy Agent Program is a Real Estate membership program that provides certified continued education to licensed Real Estate Agent Professionals focused on residential energy efficiency and green building techniques and much more value beyond that.  Green Canopy Capital provides investment opportunity to mission related investors who are looking for:  short-term, known investment horizons; an investment secured by real estate, easy to understand and known nature of the return on investment; complete transparency.

Green Canopy Homes is more than just a homebuilder. We have transformed the relationship between the builder and the community and continue to innovate in all aspects of our business, from outreach to operations. We build homes that are valuable, innovative, beautiful and efficient with a staff that loves what they do, aims high, and works toward continuous improvement.

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