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Pacific Biodiesel Technologies
Kahului, HI

We live our mission:  To promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels.

Pacific Biodiesel Technologies (PBT) has been a pioneer in the biodiesel industry for more than 15 years.  PBT was conceived in 1995 in response to serious environmental and health concerns surrounding unmanageable quantities of used cooking oil at the Central Maui Landfill.  Robert King, then owner/operator of a diesel engine dealership that maintained the landfill’s generators, proposed converting the restaurant waste into biodiesel that would fuel the generators. Within a year, his idea was a reality.

Maui’s original small-scale plant — recognized as one of the first commercially viable biodiesel plants in the U.S. — marks the beginning of recycling waste oil and grease and converting it into a valuable fuel source in America.  Since opening and operating the very first retail biodiesel pump in the country, Pacific Biodiesel has built a solid reputation as a leading producer and technology provider in the rapidly expanding biodiesel industry.  Constantly raising the bar, Pacific Biodiesel has developed over 13 processing facilities on the US mainland and in Japan. The newest, built on Hawaii Island, features the most advanced zero-waste technology in the nation and has the capacity to process more than just used cooking oil; including plant oils and animal fats!


Our tagline “renewable• sustainable • community-based” means that our biodiesel is produced from locally collected feedstock, processed locally and distributed in the same community.  With used cooking oil as our primary feedstock we’re lengthening the life of our landfills and ensuring a cleaner and greener future for our communities.  All of our company trucks and a number of employees are “driving the drive” and supporting renewable energy by fueling with biodiesel. Even down to our office supplies, we are green in more than just alternative fuel production. We fulfill our mission in all aspects of the company by providing uniforms and print materials made from recycled materials. 

Our company participates in many outreach events in the belief that education is the key to a green future.  From technology trade shows to Earth Day events, Pacific Biodiesel is truly committed to sharing our mission of a clean, sustainable energy future.  Thank you to Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture for their support of Pacific Biodiesel’s newest processing facility and the production of the video above. Enjoy!

Pacific Biodiesel's newest venture, Big Island Biodiesel, plans to process locally grown biofuel crops in addition to waste oils.


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