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LogoBetter World Club
Portland, OR

Better World Club is the nation’s only eco-friendly auto club, providing 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance, travel, and insurance like no one else. Our mission, since our founding in 2002, has been to be an auto club with a social and environmental agenda.  We combat AAA, which is a member of the highway lobby, on everything from greenhouse gas regulation of automobiles to bike lanes. 

But, that’s just the start.  We have pioneered numerous environmental services: 

We were the first travel company to offer carbon offsets—and provide a free carbon offset with the purchase of auto insurance.  We also pioneered bicycle roadside assistance and are still the only nationwide bicycle roadside assistance program in America.

Better World Club is also dedicated to donating 1% of our gross revenue to environmental clean-up and advocacy.  In addition to donating to projects that offset carbon, we have provided funding to the Sierra Club to promote fuel economy, the Portland Schools to procure light sensors for their classrooms, the League of Conservation Voters, and much more.

As part of our mission, we discount our membership fees if you own a hybrid/electric car or if you show us your mass-transit pass—and surcharge the 3 biggest gas guzzlers each year.  We also award our greenest service provider in the country each year with bio-fuel for their service vehicle. 

And in our office:

  • Carbon emissions associated with office operations are offset
  • Web hosting services are solar-powered
  • Paper membership materials are recycled from 100% post-consumer waste.
  • Membership cards are 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Ink in all of our printers is eco-friendly.
  • Full-Time staff members receive mass transit passes.
  • Old office materials and equipment are, of course, recycled.

Our members have thanked us for maintaining their cars and bikes when they were in need—as well as their values, and have appreciated having access to travel club discounts on hotels and rental cars—including discounts on green hotels and green rental cars.

We believe in the power of consumer based change – and so do our members.  Though our eNewsletters, Driving Change and Kicking Asphalt (named The Onion of corporate newsletters by Eco-Talk Radio), Better world club strives to keep our members informed and engaged.  In 2013, the Better World Club and our supporting members:

  • Asked Congress to close a $100 billion corporate tax loophole.
  • Promoted Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.
  • Supported California’s continued efforts towards a 3-foot passing rule for bike safety.
  • Advocated for alternative fuel advancement.
  • Encouraged members to participate in Bike To Work week.
  • Sponsored The World Naked Bike Ride (a spotlight on biking and the social/environmental state of transportation) in Portland, OR.
  • Spoke out against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

So, thank you Green America.  And thanks to our members for this recognition.   

 Jack  Truck