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At EverGreen Escapes, our goal is to not only be a leader in sustainable travel, but to help bring recognition to the entire region of Cascadia as the sustainable tourism capital of the world.  We think we can do it too.  

We believe that to be a leader in sustainability, we need to help define what sustainable travel is and offer leadership by example for both our guests and industry partners. Every decision that we make as a company is through the lens of sustainability, as determined by our in-house sustainability committee.  We also consult with Coastal Tourism Research and encourage our industry partners to do the same.

Our top 5 sustainable practices: 

We practice Leave No Trace principals and lead virtually zero-waste tours 
We use reusable items on tours: meals are served with reusable plates, glasses, cutlery, linen napkins and tablecloths. Food waste is composted and any glass or aluminum from beverages is recycled.  We also provide reusable stainless steel water bottles to our guests. By utilizing these practices, we not only prevent waste from going to the landfill, but we show guests how they too can travel responsibly and in style.

Choosing local and organic food as much as possible 
Food is more than just a meal, it is an opportunity to taste a culture and learn about the land from where it came.   On all our tours we serve locally sourced, organic food and tell the story behind it.
Efficient, low-emission, bio-diesel fueled vehicles 
Our tour vehicles - Mercedes Sprinter vans - are powered by BlueTec diesel engines.  BlueTec is one of the cleanest burning engines and is very fuel efficient for the size of the vehicle (at least 40% more efficient than standard tour vehicles). While it isn't always easy, we try to always fill up with cleaner burning bio-diesel fuel.

Supporting the local economy 
We are proud members of the Seattle Good Business network, which supports local economies.  Whether we are in Seattle or Namibia, we choose local partners based on the knowledge that a dollar spent with a local company will greater benefit that community.  This is a core principal of sustainable travel.
Members of The Code  
Social responsibility is a form of sustainability, as it works toward the same goal of making travel possible for future generations.  The Code is an international organization of travel professionals working to end trafficking of children for sex and slavery.  We donate 1% of our online sales to this cause.
Being nominated for this award is an honor for us.  Winning will give us the opportunity to continue our efforts to be leaders in sustainable travel. 

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