Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

Emeryville, CA

Riding a bike that replaces car trips is the single most important daily decision we can make to reduce our personal environmental impacts. At Xtracycle, we invented a bike that has "a back seat and trunk" which vastly increases the likelihood that you'll use a bike to do what you needed your car to do.  Additionally, we are on the forefront of developing electric cargo bikes - the "chocolate and peanut butter" of transportation solutions.  

Of course these ideas aren't rocket science.  Our biggest contribution as a business has been to show how hip, fun and awesome it is to ride a bike with 'cargo'.  In other words, we offer an alternative to the guilt and shame messaging that has often characterized the environmental movement.Farmers

We've also made major strides as a pioneer in steering the bike industry toward more utilitarian transportation options where sport and recreation had previously dominated.

We believe that bicycles are the only globally scaleable personal transportation option. After 15 years of development in locales like Nicaragua, Kenya, and Stanford University's engineering labs, we're proud to be producing a full line of bicycles and accessories fit for cargo, passengers, and everyday adventures. We focus our energy on design and messaging that will transform the entire planet.  Our sister non-profit was the first organization devoted to the re-design of bicycles for poverty eradication.  We continue to support the work of Worldbike today.

We'll use the $5,000 award to fund the tooling necessary to re-introduce our bolt on cargo bicycle conversion kit called the MegaRack.  How much greener can you get than converting your old bike into a car-replacing, kid-, toy- and grocery-hauler?  Maybe we'll even powder-coat (paint) it in a new color: brilliant green.

 Carry down the stairs  Carries a surfboard

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