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South Orange, NJ

Zigo transforms urban commuting with the Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle.  The Zigo Leader enables green transportation of children and cargo, eliminating the pointless carbon emissions associated with short trips, such as those for school drop-off.  The Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle can be used in several different modes. As a three-wheeled carrier bike it safely transports one or two children. A quick transformation using the patented LeaderLink technology converts the Zigo Leader into a ChildPod stroller, ideal for walking and shopping, and a 20” Cycle.  The optional Jogger Kit allows for running and jogging, while the Trailer Kit permits coupling as a rear bicycle trailer.

Substituting healthful human-powered commuting for auto-transport is good for the environment, promotes fitness, and encourages parent-child bonding. Thousands of Zigo riders have told us how meaningful and transformative purchasing a Zigo has been.  We are especially moved by notes we get from parents of children with special needs. Many of these children are able to be included safely in family cycling.

With the $5,000 prize, we would invest in development of a larger Zigo Leader, able to transport larger children and heavier loads so that we can extend the benefits of Zigo to a larger population.

Change your life. Change the world. Zigo.

Zigo Leader carrier bike mode

ZIgo  Stroller mode
Zigo Leader trailer mode Zigo Leader stroller mode

Zigo jogger Zigo cycle mode
Zigo Leader jogger mode Zigo Leader cycle mode

Zigo Leader carrier bike mode