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Brook Eddy, Bhakti founder

Bhakti Chai
Boulder, CO

In 2002, Bhakti Chai’s Founder and CEO, Brook Eddy dove in head first with the drive to create a brand that not only offered a delicious chai, but also a company that made a huge impact in the global community. Bhakti in Sanskrit means “devotion through social action”, and Brook kept this top of mind when launching Bhakti Chai to remind herself of her commitment not only to fulfilling her own dreams, but also to changing the world.  Brook manifested her devotion by building Bhakti Chai and then later launching GITA – our social giving platform. GITA means “Share Your Story” in Sanskrit and is the foundation for Bhakti Chai’s platform for positive social change.  G.I.T.A. stands for “Give”, “Inspire”, “Take Action” — and help brings awareness to partnered projects that empower women and girls, and work towards environmental sustainability on both a local and global scale.​

In addition to our social mission, we at Bhakti Chai feel honored to know that the premium we pay on our ingredients — whether it’s Fair Trade Certified tea, organic ginger or Non-GMO Verified soy — is establishing a standard of self-sufficiency on a global level.  We are impacting today’s land- owners and entrepreneurs, which will lead to a new generation of educated and passionate community leaders.

From zero waste manufacturing to sustainable packaging, Bhakti Chai incorporates conscious practices into every aspect of its business including being Non-GMO Project verified, Fair Trade certified and B (Benefit) Corporation certified.

As a brand of products that are exclusively vegan, Bhakti Chai has always been a vegan innovator and passionate about providing our consumers with dairy-free beverage options. We believe that there is a Bhakti for every body. So, beyond being vegan, our innovations have focused on low sugar, no sugar, adding a hint of cold brewed coffee for a dirty chai, or no caffeine options. Every bottle is blended with fresh-pressed organic ginger, fiery masala spices, and organic black tea and then made with almond milk, toasted coconut milk, or organic soymilk. In addition, we've recently innovated by creating a drinking chocolate and chai nog - both made with almond milk and our signature fresh pressed ginger and spices for an indulgent drinking experience at its best. 

Bhakti Chai