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Co-owners Danielle Ricciardi
and Daniel Strong.

Chickpea & Olive
New York, NY

Chickpea & Olive is a vegan pop-up stand in New York City, that is generating mouth-watering recipes and eye-popping photos of their own new breed of vegan fast casual dining. They have taken a simple concept -- vegan short-order cuisine (diner food!) -- and painstakingly elevated it by crafting each element on the plate.

Owners Danielle Ricciardi and Daniel Strong are intent on turning their company into a mass-producible brand, creating a variety of comfort food style products made from organic vegan ingredients that can be adapted to grow their business into a reliable chain -- think vegan buttermilk ranch dressing, beet-root burger patties, house barbecue sauce for BBQ jackfruit sandwiches and house pickles. Chickpea & Olive is vegan fast casual dining made from really good ingredients.

As an operation it is fully scalable; their business model can be adapted from pop-up markets to a chain of walk-in, drive-thru, or sit-down establishments from which you would be able to get the same meal you love from any location. Plus, in case we hadn’t mentioned it, the food is great.


Shrooms Beet Burger Toast
Polka burger salad. Calexico burger. Avocado toast.

BELOW: Chef Daniel Strong at the Chickpea & Olive Smorgasbord booth in Brooklyn.