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Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare:
Eat Peace!

Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare
Millville, NJ

Can you believe it is almost 2016 and most people still kill to eat?  At Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare we succulently shatter the myth that animal remnants are requisite for delicious dining by perfecting all-vegan meals and desserts from scratch, seven days a week.

From sweet potato gnocchi to Sunday brunch to seductive seitan wraps or bodacious black bean burgers on fresh-baked focaccia rolls, everything is made in-house with most produce coming from several organic farms within a seven-mile radius.  Ingredients are non-gmo, organic, and local when possible, and we compost, recycle, and utilize reclaimed materials in our fixtures.  We make kick-ass food and we do it right.

Beyond food, we host educational events, speak to and provide meeting space for organizations, and participate in regional activities.  We welcome customers into a clean, comfortable, creative, and tranquil environment to experience original art, music, food, and enlightenment. 

Our last major event, Vegstock 2015: A Moving Vegan Festival, was enthusiastically embraced by our community and has opened many collaborative opportunities to further share vegan food and information.

Over the past five years we have demonstrated vegan living as doable and desirable, and we are a growing fixture of our downtown.  Our education and outreach extends beyond making awesome food, although food as activism does work.  More than one regular over the years has unsolicitedly declared to us that they have become vegan, and our drive is to expedite this evolution globally.

With the prize money, we will remodel our kitchen to better create larger quantities of food to send out into the world.  Besides our walk-in customers, we have a burgeoning business in catering, delivery, and wholesale from which some upgrades would greatly benefit.  Labor will be performed by us, allowing each dollar to purchase the finest in pre-owned equipment.

From our humble beginnings as a lunch truck to our current status as the highest rated (via Yelp) eatery in Millville NJ’s Glasstown Arts District, Wildflower Vegan provides a positive, delectable example that eating vegan is a good thing.  Please help us improve our infrastructure to more effectively prepare our goodies in greater quantities!

Lasagna Sushi Rolls
Luscious Lasagna of Love! Nothing fishy about our sushi! Jersey fresh tomato-topped fresh baked focaccia rolls!

These organic farmers grow only four miles from us!

Wildflower cupcakes may be habit forming!

Locally crafted counter receptacle made from scrap wood.

Why is this cutie wrapping cookies in the dining room? We need a bigger kitchen! Our dining room sometimes doubles as a yoga studio.