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Bio Urn 4 Pets
Yorba Linda, CA

BioUrn4Pets is a veteran-owned, family-run business that produces a biodegradable cremation urn for pets that grows a memorial tree.

Handcrafted in the USA, using only sustainable and organic cotton, this green burial product was created by a pet lover to help grieving pet parents through the loss of a family pet. BioUrn serves as a loving, living tribute to their pet’s memory, easing the pain of loss by allowing the pet’s memory to live on.

The BioUrn holds the ashes of a pet, along with soil and the tree sapling or perennial seed that the family has chosen from a variety offered on the company website. Once prepared and planted, the BioUrn tree begins to grow, providing the family with comfort for years to come. This “Circle of Life” process can be especially important for a child who may be experiencing loss for the first time.

BioUrn has quickly become the trusted choice for eco-conscious consumers who are looking for an earth-friendly way to say good-bye to a beloved family member. Offered for both people and pets, BioUrn provides an affordable green burial option that is good for our planet, for our pets and for the people who love them! When contemplating how you will be remembered, consider being a tree using BioUrn!

If named the winner of this contest, BioUrn4Pets will use the winnings to grow our business, which will, in turn, continue our support of charities that serve the animals we love. These charities include: Sweet Pea Friends of Rutland in Paxton, MA, Vested Interest K9 Protective Vests, Shelters to Soldiers, Pets for Vets, OC Animal Shelter, German Shephard Rescue O. C.


BioUrn touches your heart, appeals to your senses and warms your soul