Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

Eco Dog Care
Los Angeles, CA

My sister Karen and I opened Eco Dog Care in 2011 after she decided to leap off the corporate ladder and I became disabled. We share a love of dogs and a commitment to making the world “greener” one decision at a time. Our goal is to offer dog-lovers service and product options that support their dog’s health and happiness and that also respect the Earth’s fragile resources.

Initially, we focused on cage-free daycare and boarding, using eco-safe materials and practices. During our research for washing and grooming services we sourced a number of shampoos that were eco-friendly – they didn’t pollute groundwater or contain harsh chemicals – but we knew we could do better for dogs. We wanted products to tap into the power of nature to clean, soothe, heal and protect – we wanted “eco-smart.” So we started with a biodegradable, toxin-free base and infused it with essential oils and botanicals like jojoba, avocado, peppermint, and myrrh. These are ancient remedies for dry skin, minor infections, and repelling pests that we knew would work for modern pups, too. As we introduced our shampoo Simply Clean and our between-baths spray Simply Fresh to our self-wash and grooming customers, we educated them about the values of these ingredients as well as the dangers of toxins like phthalates and sulfates in pet care products. We wanted to make “eco” very personal, to be about their dog’s health.

Word of mouth grew and led to our introduction of retail products in 2012.  We do sell online but prefer to work with independent retailers because small businesses are the backbone of any healthy community. Our street, Pico Blvd, is one of LA’s great streets, and we’re proud to be deeply connected to this community of neighbors and businesses. We partner on events, donate services for local fund-raising and hire at-risk teens to learn job skills. For us it’s all about healthy relationships – between dogs and their owners, between neighbors and businesses, and with the Earth.

We’re proud to be a part of the Green America community and to be nominated for this award. If we do win, we’d use the money to source more sustainable ingredients for our products and expand our Buy Good/Do Good program to donate services and products that support local rescues. We currently work with local groups (like "A Purposeful Rescue") and with others across the country to help dogs find their forever families.