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Greenfeather Bird Supply, LLC
West Hartford, CT

Greenfeather Bird Supply, LLC and our own "GFBToys," an award-winning line of Avian & Small Animal to Rabbit toys, takes great pride in creating innovative companion pet toy designs. This year, GFBS is proudly celebrating 25 years -- under the same ownership -- of providing quality toys and products to small independent pet stores across the US.

As an "eco-ethical" company, we make conscious choices in how the office works, which small independent women-owned toymakers to work with, and which products to distribute.


Over these 25 years, we have seen an evolution of available materials for our toys, giving me the ability to make more conscious choices in the companies and the products used to insure the quality in our parts and raw materials: Made in USA, sustainable, recyclable, compostable, upcycled, Fair Trade, non-toxic, organic, and small-farmer harvested.

At Greenfeather, we also believe in giving back to help organizations that support companion pet rescues. For the entire month of May, the Greenfeather retail site, offers ‘CBT Matching Rescue Donations’ up to $100.00 per order. This year CBT matched more than $1,100.00 in toys and products.

Greenfeather Bird Supply, LLC is committed to always offering stores the finest quality creative designs that are eco-friendly, safe, and cruelty-free. GFBS is: Service. Integrity. Experience.

If GFBS is fortunate to be chosen as a Green America's People & Planet Award, we would bring in some new stock of parts to work with, increase our orders for toys and bedding from toymakers and other US-based suppliers we are working with. Also, for the products made in-house, we would like to add a larger ban saw or another drill press to work with.