Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

Chesterton, IN

Love for a pet opens your heart -- it creates a space that allows you to value non- human beings as family, and this can lead to a deeper experience with our planet. One of the most important lessons our pets teach us is to simply "show up" each day and to be devoted and observant.  Each of us can challenge the status quo of toxic practices in our own unique way.

At Purrfectplay we strive to create the best cat and dog toys we can, using only natural dye-free fibers.  If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it.  Our toys are made in our Indiana community/workshop using local talent.  We source our materials from smaller companies and family owned businesses. We package and ship our toys direct to our customers or to smaller quality stores. 

We are a quiet company, devoted to a pet-centric and earth-friendly vision.  We love our direct relationship with our customers -- we learn so much from them and are also able to share what we know.   Here are a few things we know:

*Heavy metals are a major toxic element in many pet toys.
These same metals are often sourced from our own e-waste -- a sad loop we have the power to change.

*Synthetic fabric dyes are toxic to our pets but also toxic to the communities that produce them.  Dyes do not belong in our pets' mouths or in community water supplies.

*Plastic is a major hormone disruptor for your dog, your cat, and our whole planet.  Pets prefer the scent and texture of natural fibers -- no plastic is safe in your pet's mouth.

*Respect for the makers who produce a pet toy creates a karmic loop of love.  We believe this process protects our pets and our planet.

*Mother Nature has provided us with wonderful alternatives to plastic and dye: colorgrown organic cotton, hemp, flax, and wool from small family-owned flocks.  These fibers work great in effectively designed and constructed pet toys. 

Since we first started making and selling our toys, we have set aside 5 percent of each sale, gratefully sharing these funds with rescues and shelters in the US and Canada.  We are blessed to count these groups as friends and companions in our journey to make a better world for all of us.

Purrfectplay is dedicated to a sustainable business format.  From the beginning, we have been proud business members of Green America.   We offset our carbon foot-print with our local land preservation fund, Shirley Heinze. We support sustainable farming through our relationship with the Hemp Industries Association and are members of Indiana Grown.  We are also supporting members of the Hoosier Environmental Council.  We limit our use of plastic packaging, recycle to the fullest extent, and pride ourselves at being nearly waste free.  We love re purposing and do so when ever we can.

We are happy to be nominated for this award.  We wish your pets a long and happy life, doing what they do best, creating a loving world.