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Austin, TX

in.gredients is a zero-waste micro-grocer in Austin, Texas providing our community with real, local food. As a business, we are changing the way people shop for groceries. By providing a majority of our products in bulk, and sourcing from local farmers, ranchers and producers the store has become a green food leader in the Austin community.

Customers can bring their own containers, fill them with high quality, organic GMO-free food and household items and leave without any unnecessary packaging. The store has over 300 products, with a majority of them made and produced in Texas. Approximately 97% of the produce sold in the store comes from nearby farms, with one of the largest suppliers being less than 10 miles down the road.

An important part of our ethos is sustainability.  We're dedicated to being the first zero-waste, package free grocery store in the United States. Having built the store from the ground up, we were able to use recycled and energy efficient materials. Since opening our doors, we've sent less than one pound of trash and zero pounds of food waste to the landfill each month. In comparison, the average individual sends 135 pounds of trash to the landfill every month. With our unique business model and dedication to sustainability, in.gredients is setting the bar for the food and grocery industry. 

in.gredients encourages people to rethink their relationship with local food, and exists as a community hub, with a family friendly outdoor event space and community garden run and maintained by a local non-profit. The majority of the produce grown in the garden is given back to the neighborhood CSA. in.gredients hosts fundraisers, workshops and events focusing on building a strong local food community in Austin.


in.gredients is a grocery store in scope and a corner store in scale. With a large range of products, from kombucha to locally raised meat, we're a neighborhood grocer working in a small and efficient space. We are serving our community by being an alternative to the conventional grocery store. Our business model is hyper-local, offering local food with pure ingredients, which allows us to cut the manufacturer-to-consumer process down by weeks. Our hyper-local model eliminates packaging as it's easier to facilitate zero-waste deliveries on a local scale. We work closely with our local vendors to develop package free, reusable container delivery systems, reducing the extensive packaging waste that's common with shipping and delivery.

We want to extend a thank you to all of our volunteers, investors and community partners who have made in.gredients possible. We are honored to serve our neighborhood and bring local food to our community. Our goal is to open more stores in the future, With the People & Planet award, we'd be moving closer to achieving our goals of bringing real, local food to our larger Austin community.


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