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A Spice of Life Catering + Events
Boulder, CO

The events industry is notoriously wasteful. At weddings and conferences it is common to see Styrofoam cups and plates in trash bins along with mounds of leftover food. As the largest catering company in Boulder County, A Spice of Life wanted to challenge the notion that all this waste is a necessary part of our profession, so we asked ourselves…is it possible to host large-scale green events?

In search for a way to change our practices, A Spice of Life partnered with Eco-Cycle in 2005, becoming a zero-waste business leader in Boulder. Every employee is trained to correctly compost and recycle everywhere we go. This means we not only make a difference while producing food, but at every business, wedding venue, special event facility and corporate cafe where we provide catering.

These efforts have really made an impact.  In 2014 alone, we diverted 80% of our waste, or 115,700 pounds of materials, from landfills, and have recycled over 1,400 gallons of cooking oil.

A Spice of Life has chosen to advocate for environmentally sustainable practices in our industry and in our community.  We offer an opportunity to clients who value hosting a more environmentally sustainable event.  We encourage the use of reusable dishes and glassware whenever possible.  When disposables are necessary, we offer fully compostable cups, plates and utensils, all made of corn that we then bring back to our facility to properly compost. The key is not just to USE those compostable products, but to also ensure that they are being disposed of properly.  Our co-owner and VP of Operations has been seen climbing into our commercial compost bins on more than one occasion to separate any non-compostable material!

The $5,000 prize would allow us to build a state of the art waste management system outside our new commercial kitchen to increase our composting and recycling capabilities and enable us to maintain the highest possible diversion rate. We are honored to be among wonderful and innovative green businesses in consideration for this award.   Thank you for your vote!

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