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Brooklyn, NY

EcoLogic Solutions, a proud B Corporation based in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, is a greener-than-green David fighting – and defeating! – toxic Goliaths in the not-so-sexy but hugely important world of cleaning supplies and technologies for restaurants, hotels, convention centers, and other commercial event venues. 

Our products and technologies are the most sustainable on the market today, including our game-changing ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) devices that can produce safe detergents and regulatory-approved, non-toxic sanitizers using only tap water, salt, and small doses of electricity. 

Our ECA technology allows users to replace harsh chemicals with all-natural ones that work better than their toxic counterparts, eliminate waste by reusing containers, and reduce their carbon imprint by eliminating mass consumed, heavy weighted consumables shipped long distances in dirty diesel trucks. In fact, EcoLogic is the first company in the world to install an ECA system the way we have to replace harsh detergents and poisonous sanitizers and disinfectants.

Most important, they are harmless to humans and the environment.  In fact, if we win, our CEO promises to toast and drink a champagne glass full of our sanitizer and post it on YouTube!  Try that, Clorox executives!

We are unique in our industry.  Our entire product line is environmentally preferable, and our all-star list of clients includes Whole Foods, Chipotle, Harvard University, Amtrak, the McCormick Center in Chicago, and Mandarin Oriental Hotels, go-to venues and vendors for green events.  Our products allow hosts to stage events without nasty toxic smells or residues, while eliminating negative impacts on event workers, guests, and Mother Nature.  And each product is independently certified by leading sustainability organizations such as Green Seal, EcoLogo, U.S.D.A. Biobased, the Green Restaurant Association, and others.

And as a company, we practice what we preach.  We make deliveries in hybrid vehicles and trucks that run on used restaurant grease.  Our offices are constructed with plant walls and reclaimed materials.  Our partners include green business rock stars, Industries for the Blind, the New York Pollution Prevention Institute, and the Onondaga Nation, Iroquois, well known among Native Americans as “stewards of the environment”.  Our staff is comprised of dedicated environmentalists who are working hard toward a greater mission of changing the way the world does business.

We would be honored to receive a People & Planet Green Business Award from Green America.  We would use the $5,000 to conduct tests on a few new bio-based products, and donate cleaning supplies to schools, non-profits, and people in need.  For instance, we donated more than 50,000 gallons of cleaners and sanitizers to businesses and individuals impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  EcoLogic believes sustainable companies operate best in sustainable communities.

Thanks in advance for your vote of confidence.

The Staff of EcoLogic Solutions

BELOW: EcoLogic Solutions CEO Anselm Doering is revolutionizing the way we clean, replacing toxic products with detergents
and sanitizers made from tap water, salt, and electricity.