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Bead & Reel
Los Angeles, CA

With ethical practices and organic textiles at the forefront, Bead & Reel is the must-shop eco-friendly boutique for conscientious women. Free from animal products and sweatshops, Bead & Reel’s organic styles range from casual to luxury in everything from clothing to handbags and yes, even shoes.

We all understand the benefits of eating organic, and at Bead & Reel we are passionate about educating our customers about the benefits of wearing organic as well. For instance, did you know that organic fashion is an environmental AND human rights issue? Conventional cotton uses 10 percent of all agricultural chemicals and up to 25 percent of the world’s insecticides, which impacts not only our soil and waterways but also the farmers and garment workers exposed to them daily. Fortunately, there are wonderful organic alternatives and we strive to make them accessible, affordable, and of course stylish.

We are excited and honored to be nominated for this award because organic fashion has always been a vital part of our mission.  We hope to use this prize towards our goal of developing an organic plus size collection to continue making eco fashion available to all women.

About Us: Bead & Reel was founded in 2014 by a Hollywood Costume Designer on a mission to help women love themselves through what they wear and love the world through what they buy. Visit us at and join us at our 2nd Annual Fair Trade Fashion Show in Los Angeles, July 16, 2016!