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Green Street Market
Rio Grande, NJ

Green Street Market is an organic & natural supermarket in Cape May County, NJ. Born of the minds and hearts of two sisters, Diane Carrick and Trish McMonagle because they were concerned about the growing threat of chemicals in the environment and food supply. They left their 9-5’ers and opened up shop in 2004 to provide a source of clean groceries, local & organic produce and healthy supplements to the community.  Green Street quickly became the trusted source for organic, vegetarian, vegan and allergen free foods.

For the first ten years we had a tiny storefront, which had its challenges with stocking to meet the demands of our customers. Thankfully, two years ago we were able to move across the street to a space 3 times as big and equip it with a juice bar and kitchen! These additions have been an excellent way to spread awareness about eating mindfully and make it attainable for anyone to eat delicious organic food, every day.  Everything in our Community Café is almost exclusively made with organic ingredients, organic & local (when possible) produce, and utilizes the culled and imperfect produce. Our sources for local organically grown produce come from a handful of farms: Windy Acres, Enfin Farms, Ed’s Garden, Jah’s Creation and Stone Circle Farms.  We pride ourselves on having a ‘low-waste’ kitchen and juice bar by donating our compost to local farmers for their chickens to turn into fertilizer.

Green Street Market is run by a group of passionate and dedicated employees that take pride in what they do and always go ‘the extra mile’ for our customers and our cause.  Our buyers hand select the products we carry to ensure that customers’ dollars are supporting companies that match the most intrinsic and core values of fair trade practices, organic & non-GMO ingredients.  This is especially important as “Organic” is now trending and chain markets are picking up organic lines. While this is, overall, excellent for awareness: a large amount of these products are owned by parent companies that give money to Monsanto and fight against GMO labeling.  

We are immensely honored to be nominated and to be among the finalists. Winning this award will allow us to expand our Organic prepared foods and Community Café presence in the county.  Furthering our ability to educate our neighborhood through nutritious and organic food!