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Sprout Kitchen Gardens
Arlington, VA

Sprout is a rapidly-growing startup in the organic food and urban farming space. Based in Arlington, Virginia, Sprout strengthens the connection between garden and kitchen by making it easier to grow and eat organic, garden-based food.  

Currently we’re helping people grow their own organic veggies in small spaces – we use raised beds, containers, and vertical growing to make the most of tight urban gardens.  In our growing process, everything we do from seed to harvest is organic:  from the untreated lumber we use to build our beds, to the organic soil and compost, to the seeds and seedlings, to the fertilizer and natural pest-control remedies.  We do this to ensure that the harvest our clients reap is 100% organic, natural and chemical-free – because we know this is best for our health, our community and our planet.

Sprout makes it easier for more people to grow and eat organic veggies.  Check out this video of one of our favorite garden-to-kitchen recipes!

We believe strongly in using our business acumen as a force for social good, and as such, we’ve structured Sprout as a Benefit Corporation.  This means that we have a triple bottom line that delivers return on investment for Planet, People and Profit.  With about one year under our belt, we’re still early stage, but we’re growing quickly and we’ve been fortunate to attract amazing people to our team who share our commitment to a higher purpose.  We’re growing at a sustainable pace, and testing several revenue streams to enable Sprout to reach a broader audience. 

The proceeds from the Green America Award will allow us to move forward with the development of several new products that will make an organic garden-based lifestyle more accessible to more people.  This will put us on a path to achieve our goal:  becoming the first national consumer brand in the organic garden-to-kitchen space!

A salad bowl bed, providing a full spring season of mixed greens for a Sprout client. Backyard vineyard in the making! 

Pole beans doing what they do best -- growing vertically in one of our small urban spaces. 

Even some tropical fruits, like this pineapple, can grow in temperate climates like this Sprout patio garden.

A Sprout patio garden in peak season -- a beautiful edible jungle!
A typical daily harvest in one of our client's backyard gardens.