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Zosimos Botanicals
Gaithersburg, MD

Zosimos Botanicals has been a family-owned company since 2004. Guided by the company spirit “beyond pure”, we are committed to the development of healthy organic makeup. We aim to protect consumers by providing handmade, effective products without harsh chemicals.

Our small wind-powered studio is in Gaithersburg, Maryland. A full range of makeup, bath & body and skincare is handcrafted by several Master Artisans. All of our unique recipes use certified organic ingredients. Our strict ingredient philosophy avoids parabens, nanoparticles, talc, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, heavy metals or any harmful synthetic chemicals. Zosimos goes beyond the US requirements and follows the strict European standards for purity. We have taken the Natural Ingredient Resource Center's Truth in Labelling Pledge because transparency is important. All the ingredients are listed on the label. Industry practice allows companies to hide behind the term “fragrance” (in 40% of personal care products, yikes!) or “flavor”. We believe consumers need to know exactly what is in the products. 

Organic ingredients are used because they are grown without pesticides. That is a key component of our quality control. The entire lifecycle of each lipstick or foundation is environmentally friendly. By the entire life cycle, we mean everything involved from start to finish.The Master Artisans carpool or use public transportation to reduce carbon emissions. Ingredients are stored in reclaimed mason jars. Lab equipment is reused. Shipping boxes are made of FSC recycled material. Packages are cushioned with reused filler or shredded paper.

Customers love that we offer samples to reduce waste and refills to save packaging. Using certified organic essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance oils. Certified Organic wax makes sure natural substances go on your body and back to the Earth. We are recognized for our efforts. Zosimos is a certified green business by Green America and Montgomery County. Zosimos just received it's 8th annual Environmental Award for its business practices in April. We sponsor Summer interns from a 501(c)(3) high school program for new immigrants, donate to animal sanctuaries and lobby Congress for safer laws.

When shopping, consumers trust certified organic products are safe. All the ingredients we use are certified organic, but the finished products are not certified. Zosimos meets the standards to be certified organic. First we have to submit a formal application with the FDA and pay substantial filing fees. We would use the winning $5,000 to become certified organic by the FDA.