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Chey and Sean
Cheyenne Miller and Sean Zigmund

Root-n-Roost Farm
White Sulphur Springs, NY

We are a small-scale, human- and animal-powered sustainable permaculture-based farm that uses no tiller or tractor so that petroleum isn't part of our equation. We use humans and animals (pigs, chickens, and ducks) to help us work our land instead of relying on petroleum-guzzling machines.

Our permaculture-based practices, like lasagna gardens and hugel-kultur-raised garden beds, sink carbon back into the earth. We practice waste management by re-using or recycling almost all farm, household, and business trash, and collect compost from area businesses to help reduce landfill footprints and reuse those materials to grow healthy food. We also collect scrap building materials from local construction companies, building supply stores, Craig's List,, and other sources to reduce those wastes from going into landfills, and to use those materials for building projects on our farm (coops, chicken tractors, small sheds, pig pens, fencing, etc...).

We also teach classes on our farm about permaculture-based methods, reuse building projects, raising animals for multiple uses, growing eatable perennials, wild foraging, and much more. We are members of several community groups including the Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development, the Town of Liberty, NY Agricultural Advisory Committee, the Sullivan County Farm Network, Catskills C.R.A.F.T. (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training), Cornell Cooperative Extension, and more. We host interns and folks who work trade with us, who live in our home with us, and not only get to learn everything we do, but also get involved in everything listed above, which helps build community in our area. We provide our own home-grown products to our community: produce, herbs, flowers, fruit, mushrooms (shiitake and oyster), poultry (chicken and duck), pork, as well as baked goods using New-York-grown and -ground flours, and we make craft items and consign for other crafters, which we sell at our farm stand and area markets.

We're good for people and the planet because we focus on community, the environment and our direct impact on it, and provide extremely healthy choices for our family, friends, neighbors, and customers. Our business should be awarded for our commitment to local community action because we constantly put community at the front of our mission: To provide people with high-quality, organically grown food year round, and to provide anyone the opportunity to learn about small-scale farming and how to do it on a shoe-string budget using creative and inventive ways. We constantly seek out interactions with all members of our community -- neighbors, friends, local businesses, summer camps, schools, government, civic groups, and more... to connect, share, and influence others in sound environmental practices with a focus on growing and keeping food local. We have partnerships with summer camps and local businesses and continue to expand into other towns to foster better and better relationships with more communities in New York State.

More can be found on our Web site,, or come for a visit to our farm and see for yourself.


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