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Mehera Shaw
Chapel Hill, NC

Mehera Shaw is an ethical, women’s lifestyle brand inspired by the artisan textiles of India.  We use Fair Trade labor, GOTS certified organic cottons, and artisan-made prints, and manufacture in our own production studio.  Our vision is born of a belief in human dignity, in people helping people on the production side, and in a market need for great design and transparency in a sustainable lifestyle brand. 

Who we are
We are Mark and Shari Keller, the founders and owners, each with a long-standing connection to India through family, friends, and work.  We also love India’s textile traditions.  The “we” of Mehera Shaw also includes our full production team and the many artisans whose work is worn and enjoyed by our customers.  We started the Mehera Shaw brand in 1999 with a commitment to work with textile artisans in the Jaipur region of India; we founded our own production company in 2007 with a commitment to sustainable production, fair labour standards, strong environmental practices and a fully vertical, transparent supply chain.  Our production company now supplies our own brand as well as several other ethical clothing brands world-wide.

We believe ethical clothing can and should be both wearable and beautiful; that beauty is an intrinsic part of sustainability as it feeds the soul and brings happiness. Our look includes vibrant artisan prints, soft tailoring, feminine silhouettes, and comfortable layers with high wearability, for work and casual wear.  Our garments are styled for conscious, modern living.  We’ve created mix and match separates that can be dressed up or down to get the most value and life from each piece.  Mehera Shaw is also affordable as we believe ethical fashion should be for real people.

What makes us green
We believe what makes a fashion brand green is attention to design, environment, and people. We focus on quality design for real people, styles which wear well over time, are fashion forward enough to be your favorites and classic enough to last through time.  Environmentally, we use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, handloom cottons, wool, ahimsa silk, and artisan prints which use less energy.  People-wise all garments are fair trade, always.  Our design inspiration is taken from India so that the garments reflect the story of their production.  We also believe our garments give artisans a voice as a part of the story of production.

Ethical leadership
Our integrated and transparent approach to sustainability sets us apart as an ethical leader and innovative business. We produce everything in-house, make it for real people, make it with beauty and great style, make it affordable and tell the full story so our customers know who we are, how we work and the story behind the brand.

Winning would really help us take the next green step. We would use the money to help build our own dyeing unit with a waste-water treatment and recycling system so that our dyeing is fully GOTS compliant.  We so appreciate your support and hope you truly love your Mehera Shaw clothes!

Staff Block Print
Block Print 2
Shari with the staff in Jaipur, June 2013 Block-printing the fabrics