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Baby Eco Trends
Athens, GA is a woman-owned business dedicated to green products for babies and children.  We feature the largest online collection of organic American made products for babies & children.   We specialize in handmade solid wood heirloom quality furniture and toys made by Amish woodworkers in the Midwest. has been a Green America member since 2010.

Environmental Responsibility – We work with Amish furniture builders that continue to practice old-world wood working techniques that have long been abandoned by mass producers in favor of quick profits.  It is a relatively slow process but the end result is quality, solid wood furniture that can last several lifetimes.  The Amish are famous for designing furniture that serves many purposes.  The convertible baby crib that turns into a toddler bed, then day bed and then a full bed is a great example of smart designs that save space and money as well as reduce waste.

Many of our builders opt for hand tools over power tools whenever possible and power their workshops with solar energy.  They use non-GMO lumber responsibly grown and harvested in the US that is kiln dried and all waste is recycled.  The glues and adhesives are water based and non toxic.  The close relationship we have with our builders has led to additional improvements and techniques that give our customers more environmentally sound options.  Together we have been able to source formaldehyde free stains, finishes, and paints.  We have also worked with our builders to source natural latex for upholstered items.  Our current project is sourcing untreated upholstery fabric made of organic fibers printed with low impact and no impact dyes.

Ecologically friendly furniture for babies and children helps ensure safe indoor air quality in rooms where little ones sleep and play.  Sourcing non toxic, sustainable materials from local suppliers results in a smaller finished product footprint, minimizing waste and pollution.  Environmental responsibility is at the core of what we do for the most precious of reasons—our babies and children. 

Social Responsibility – Our continued success has played a role in the revitalization and growth of our community of builders.   Many Amish builders set up shop when the Great Recession of 2008 caused local manufacturers (ie, RV manufacturers) to scale down or even close, sending large numbers of skilled workers onto the unemployment rolls.  With poor prospects for employment, enterprising Amish woodworkers began building furniture in their garages and hired many of their former co-workers.

We work with a select group of builders that are as committed to social issues as we are.  At a time when many American companies were moving overseas in search of cheap materials and lax labor standards our builders were growing their businesses right here in the USA.  They pay fair wages and work conditions in their workshops exceed federal labor requirements.  Not only do they design and build furniture in the US but they also purchase raw materials from American suppliers.  Increasing business ties with local suppliers (lumber yards, saw mills, metal workers, etc) contributes to the creation of local jobs in related industries and strengthens local communities.

Thank You – We are honored to be a Green America People & Planet Awards finalist.  Since our company’s birth six years ago, our loyal customer base has been immensely inspiring and has suggested so many great product ideas.  This award would be instrumental in bringing some of those ideas to life.  Thank you for your consideration!



Kids with furniture
Our quality control team hard at work.
Hand fitting a mortise and tenon joint. Hand sanding before assembly.

Amish organic popcorn farmer.

Solar panel powering Amish woodworking shop.