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Andrews, SC

Bamboosa loves making eco-friendly products for babies! For ten years, we’ve been providing USA-made, organic, super-soft clothing and baby products for families who understand that not only food, but clothing too, should and can be produced without toxic chemicals. Located in the coastal town of Andrews, SC, which was once considered the t-shirt capital of the United States, we employ third generation sewing machine operators who take great pride in their sewing and the products they make.

Husband and wife team, Morris and Mindy Saintsing, created Bamboosa with several goals in mind; to manufacture in SC and be an all USA made company, to re-employ sewing machine operators who were put out of work due to out-sourcing, to create job opportunities in an economically depressed rural area, to provide parents with an eco-friendly choice for their newborns, and to make higher quality, comfortable and soft, longer lasting, sweatshop-free baby products that are a better choice for the environment.

All of our baby gear and baby clothing is made from 100% viscose fiber produced from certified organically grown bamboo or blended with organic cotton, Lycra or recycled polyester. Our fiber contributes to the quality, performance, comfort and durability of our products. We manufacture all of our own fabrics and do that within S.C. and N.C. keeping it as local as possible. For our Eco-friendly Alphabet Prints, we use a Brother DTG, digital to garment printer - the most eco-friendly printing possible, with very little ink waste.

Our customers appreciate the minimal packaging we provide and return again and again for themselves and for gifts. All of our packaging materials, from the shipping carton to the hangtag to the return form enclosure are from 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 30% post consumer waste (PCW) and higher value PCW where available. Each order is wrapped in white, printed wrapping tissue manufactured from 100% recycled material and containing 30% post-consumer material. We choose recycled office supplies whenever possible and furnish our plant and office with recycle bins for all paper, plastic and printer cartridges. Our irregulars and seconds are either sold in our outlet store or donated to a local charity.

We have eliminated the use of chlorine in our bleaching or pre-bleaching process. Using chlorine releases dioxins, which are known carcinogens, into the air. When dyeing our fabrics, we do not use any banned AZO dyestuffs in our fiber reactive dyes. Our dyes consume less water and less energy and generate less waste, and therefore have a lower impact than non fiber reactive dyes. Also, because our fabric accepts and holds dye well, we do not use any dye-fixing agents, which often contain heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Bamboosa is committed to U.S. jobs, increased sustainability, social responsibility, environmental awareness and a belief that parents want to make good choices for their babies. Our customers tell us that they are tired of purchasing products made in China and want to support USA made whenever possible. We are committed to manufacturing USA made products, as well as educating consumers on why to choose organic clothing and why to buy USA made. 

Baby Swaddle Blankets and Baby Beanies in Sprout Green and Tahiti Blue

Baby Beanie and Baby Cuddlesac in Creamsicle Orange

Sewing machine operator, Amelia

Fabric cutters
Bamboosa logo on Baby Hooded Towels

Mindy and Morris Saintsing, founders