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Dhana EcoKids
Mill Valley, CA

As a child growing up on an island where nearly everything was imported, Dhana EcoKids’ founder Shamini Dhana realized early on how interdependent we are. The planet is our home, we are connected, and we are all part of that equation.

As she grew older she dreamed about starting a business that would help others become aware of our connection to the world. The dream of combining nature and the world in business was a brand worth building. But it was not until she had a child of her own in 2005 that this dream began to blossom.

Shamini knew how important it is to have children play in the outdoors, how at home they are in nature – having both empathy and curiosity towards plants and animals.  Children naturally care about their environment. In the same way, they deserve to feel comfortable in their clothing and discover their connection to the world via their clothes. 

But when she started looking for kids’ organic clothing, she was dismayed. There were almost no sustainable clothes available for kids!

That’s when the light bulb turned on in Shamini Dhana’s head. Why not fulfill her calling by developing a sustainable lifestyle brand for tweens?

So she did. And Dhana EcoKids was born.

Dhana EcoKids is an organic, lifestyle brand for kids ages 4-12.

We are a brand celebrating global connections: to cultures of origin, to communities, and also connection to the environment and Nature.

Here is what we at Dhana EcoKids believe with all our hearts:

  • Kids are our global ambassadors of tomorrow and towards a sustainable future. Kids are our future. We need to treat them like the precious beings they are, and teach them how to be good stewards of the earth.
  • Kids learn through their senses. If you want to teach them, let them touch, see, and experience. Make it a celebration!
  • Sustainability begins with the heart.  Fostering an emotional connection with and reverence for nature is one of the most powerful things we can do for our planet and everyone on it.
  • Art connects us to the world. It is the perfect vehicle for bridging the worlds of people and nature. And it speaks the natural language of kids!
  • Paying it forward is giving back.  We believe that by investing in ethical and sustainable practices, we are able to provide support for communities through fair trade principles and for the good of the world.

Dhana EcoKids’ mission is to empower kids to become responsible citizens of the world through the clothes they wear.

We do this by partnering with artists and other organizations so that our clothes tell the story of people and planet.  Besides being hip and comfortable, Dhana fashions help kids learn about Nature, the Arts, global cultures and sustainable living - in a way that is very real to them.

Together, We’re Wearin’ the World

To offer the highest quality organic clothes and gear for eco-aware kids, we are proud to meet the highest environmental and social consciousness standards on the planet:

  • Dhana™ apparel is made using only 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and carcinogen-free, eco-friendly dyes.
  • The certified facility where Dhana™ apparel is produced has been audited and found to conform to the Social Accountability Standard SA 8000.
  • We are proud to be a certified B corporation (and to be nominated for this award by B corporation).
  • We do our best to be as sustainable as possible as a company, and have worked hard to become a Green America Gold Certified business.

Dhana EcoKids would like to thank all our customers and supporters. If we are fortunate enough to receive this grant, we would like to use this money to educate and inform kids of the connection between what they wear and the environment/planet. We have plans to develop eBooks, a series of videos and in-school visits, and partnerships with impactful organizations.  In this way Dhana Inc. hopes to broaden the horizons of our youth with respect to the fashion and textile industries.