Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

Ja Lu
Rosalia, WA

Helping our babies grow up organic one blanket at a time.

ja*lu provides both functional and stylish products for the youngest members of our families, while maintaining eco-friendly  values.  Being a Mom of three young boys I realized early that I not only wanted the best, but also the healthiest for my sons.   As a consumer and parent I educated myself about foods and the effects of the farming and industrial practices on the environment and society socially.  I continued to purchase more organic and eco-friendly products but the market for organic clothing and blankets was lacking choices, style and comfort.  Yet, cotton was and still is one of the most caustic and environmentally damaging conventionally grown products.  In researching this I found ja*lu; after purchasing the company in 2012, I have continued to grow it and maintain both the social and economic practices. 

  • ja*lu strives to purchase as many of our products from 100% USA grown cotton and small independent American businesses that also promote green living and are socially responsible.  For instance all of our labels and packaging are made within 30 miles of our facility, with post-consumer recycled content.   
  • We use contract sewers who can work around their schedule of family and activities, instead of using unsafe factories overseas.
  • We only work with small independent retail outlets.  Many, like our family are living the American Dream keeping ‘Main Street’ alive.

Sustainability is extremely important to us, in business we use as many eco-friendly practices as possible from using as much natural lighting, only turning machines on when needed, recycling paper and plastics, reusing packaging and even composting our coffee grounds.  It isn’t uncommon to see ja*lu fabric scraps in local children’s art programs.
Family is extremely important to me, that’s why I choose to live in our small community and volunteer many hours into our local Scouting, youth sports, Library and Community festivals.  One of the best things about ja*lu is it is leaving a better environment for mine and other’s children to grow up organic in.  If chosen as a winner we would like to use the money to purchase needed equipment to expand our product line, offering new jobs in our rural community.   Sometimes the small companies can make the biggest impacts, in the smallest places