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Naturally Playful
Aloha, OR

We are a family of six, that enjoys spending time playing board games, reading books, watching movies, playing badminton and hockey, riding bikes, and gardening together. We have a true love for nature and a real commitment to reduce our burden on this great planet. We are always learning new ways to rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Many of the toys on the market are made overseas; sometimes by children themselves. They are mostly made from materials that are non-renewable, unhealthy, and that contribute to air and water pollution. Most of the toys are not built to last, so they end up in our landfills. We need to move away from the “throw away” society we have become and start investing in renewable, quality products. We see the need for safe, quality made choices for children to play and learn with. Naturally Playful is committed to offering toys, games, and other gifts that are made in the USA or are Fair Trade, that are environmentally friendly, health friendly, teach peace and ingenuity, and that are made to be handed down to the next generation. We seriously want you to buy less. How many companies can say that?

Not only do we offer great products, we also educate people on issues, such as environmental plights, and human rights issues. We think that knowledge is power. When people have access to true information they are better able to make informed choices. With this money we would further support our causes and educational outreach, we would add to our inventory, and we would have the funds to advertise with great organizations, like Green America, for many years to come! --  The Wills Family