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Organic Keiki
Kahilua, HI

Organic Keiki offers a delightful collection of organic, eco-friendly clothes, toys and accessories for keiki (kids) and mamas that are made from socially- and environmentally-responsible resources. Based out of Hawaii but available everywhere online, our products are healthy, fun and imbued with the spirit of Aloha!

Originally started by a young mother on Maui, Organic Keiki was adopted in 2007 by Sue and Regan Ranoa ­– a mom and daughter team from Oahu. Organic Keiki was founded on the belief that your ohana (family) is our ohana and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to help take care of your family (Malama Ohana) and to take care of the land (Malama Aina).

We’ve always lovingly hand-selected only the highest quality organic products because they are not only better for your family but also for the people who make them. Organic clothing and fabrics are gentler on the skin because the raw materials are grown without pesticides ­– which is especially important for babies’ sensitive skin. Many of the chemicals and pesticides used to grow non-organic fibers remain in fabrics even after washing. By choosing organic, families can help avoid the spread of toxins into the water, soil and people involved in the process of making (and using) these products.

At Organic Keiki, we realize that offering eco-friendly, non-toxic products is only part of the equation – that to truly be committed to protecting the future world our children will inherit, we have to infuse the Aloha spirit into everything we do. To reduce emissions from shipping and to support our local economy, we used local artisans to design, print and sew our Organic Keiki line of kids’ clothes. We also try to source many of our products from local, Hawaii-based vendors. Our website is carbon offset and we offer customers the chance to carbon-offset their shipping as well.

Mahalo (thank you) for this opportunity. For us, Organic Keiki is more than a small business, it’s a way for us to uphold and share the values we hold dear. So, from our ohana to yours… we thank you for your support!

Below: Sue and Regan Ranoa