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lur Apparel
Cincinnati, OH

Did you know the average American throws away ten pounds of clothing per year? Together, in the U.S. we produce over 13 million tons of textile waste every year! While fast fashion might be easy on the wallet, the truth is it bad for people and the planet.

lur® is women’s fashion made from 100% recycled materials. Our unique sustainable manufacturing process reduces textile waste while saving energy and natural resources. We create positive social change by providing educational and vocational opportunities for women and children in need.

About half of our fiber content consists of pre-consumer cotton scraps from commercial apparel and textile facilities while the other half comes from post-consumer plastic bottles recycled into polyester fiber. No harmful dyes are used in the creation of our fabrics as we utilize the colors already present in our recycled fiber. Also, our fabric finishing process saves 60-70% of the water and energy spent in more traditional manufacturing methods required for dyed fabrics.

Since our launch in 2012, our unique process has saved over 6 million gallons of water from entering the waste stream and 400,000 plastic bottles from entering landfills.

Our clothing is made in socially compliant facilities in Guatemala that are certified to meet a rigorous Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct requires the manufacturing facility pay fair wages, use no involuntary or child labor, and meet health and safety standards.

Each year we donate funds to our non-profit partners to help women receive loans to start businesses and further their vocational education. Every item purchased on our website provides a week of vocational training to a woman in need in Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala, where our clothing is made.

lur®’s vocational center partner CECAP (Centro de Capacitacion), focuses on training individuals and students to gain the skills necessary to secure sustainable jobs or start businesses. CECAP offers programs for students and adults in sewing, computer education, carpentry, welding, and foot loom weaving. lur® provides compensation to sewing graduates who utilize our manufacturing scraps to make our line of accessories. Since our launch, we’ve helped provide life-changing vocational training to over 200 women.

Additionally, we dedicate a portion of our profits to the non-profit Friendship Bridge. Friendship Bridge's mission is to provide microcredit and education to help impoverished women establish businesses and to help themselves, their families, and their communities to rise out of poverty. lur® believes the production of ethical fashion can create a rising tide of prosperity. lur® products are now available online and in over 700 retail outlets across North America.